NordVPN for Hulu – Can Nord VPN Handle Unblocking Hulu?

In my NordVPN review, you will see if Nord VPN can easily unblock Hulu or not.
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Transcript of NordVPN for Hulu – Can Nord VPN Handle Unblocking Hulu?

What’s happening guys, Adam here from cyber dog. Now I get asked quite a bit. If it’s possible to access the streaming service Hulu from outside of the United States by using Nord VPN. The answer to that question is yes. So here’s a simple video to show you how it works. Now, as you can see from one normal UK internet connection, I can’t access Hulu to look at the titles available. But you’ll notice there are no play buttons anywhere, so I can’t watch anything. This is where Nord VPN comes in. So what you need to do is open up Nord, and then you need to scroll down the list until you find the United States server. Click on that, wait a few seconds for it to connect. And then once you’re connected is now going to think that you’re browsing from the United States. So simply go back into Hulu. And this time when you’re in there, you’ll notice that all the titles are still there. Only this time they do have a play button next to them all. So when you click play, you can watch whatever you like as though you are browsing straight from America. Now not all VPNs can actually do this because Hulu have blocked a lot of them and stop them from work. Not only does not work, but it works efficiently as well. It speeds Great, so you’re never going to have any buffering issues. And you’ll be able to watch movies or shows in full HD or 4k from start to finish without any issues whatsoever. If you’re interested in what else Nord can do for you, especially when it comes to cybersecurity, take a look at the link in the description to my full review. And as always, if there’s any discounts available, there’ll be a link down there for that as well. Thank you for watching. Remember to stay safe online, and I’ll catch you on the next video.

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