NordVPN 2022 review | Is NordVPN worth it and can keep up with the new year?

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NordVPN has been one of the best VPN options through 2021, but times change. Is NordVPN 2022 still a legitimate VPN option? In this video I will go deeper into the major functions of NordVPN and determine is NordVPN worth it, compared to the other best VPNs in 2022.

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0:00 Intro
0:26 Can NordVPN be called the safest VPN on the market?
1:14 Can NordVPN still ensure maximum privacy for its users?
1:57 What extra security features does NordVPN offer?
2:41 Is the NordVPN server pool big and fast enough?
3:23 Is NordVPN effective with streaming Netflix?
4:01 Can you download torrents with NordVPN?
4:29 What is there to expect from NordVPN in 2022?
4:59 Does NordVPN bring enough value for money?


NordVPN has the essential security package: many other VPNs offer the same AES-256 or ChaCha20 encryption. These are unbreakable cyphers, so you don’t need to ask “is NordVPN safe” anymore. After all, NordVPN has more than essentials – for example it’s kill switch is an invaluable function. Every best VPN in 2022 should have this feature, since it prevents data leaks during VPN connection breaks, and ISPs don’t always provide a stable service.

I know only a couple other providers that offer an ad-block and anti-malware function like NordVPN does. Surfshark’s CleanWeb and PIA’s MACE can be compared to NordVPN’s CyberSec in terms of how effectively they detect dangerous websites and block adverts.

Speed and Performance:

But security is not the only point of this VPN. Every NordVPN review mentions that, and for a good reason – NordVPN’s performance is pretty outstanding, mostly thanks to the proprietary NordLynx protocol. And, well, over 5,200 servers do have a positive effect on the speed. In my tests, I have performed a NordVPN speed test across three different locations. I have found out that NordVPN barely affects user connection speed, retaining up to 95% of the original speed. No other VPN can do that consistently.


But speed is only a part of the reason I consider NordVPN to be the best streaming VPN. After all, the NordVPN Netflix experience has been great for me. I have accessed all of the Netflix libraries there are, not just bypassing geoblocks, but also getting a lag-free 4K stream every time, despite the distance to the library location.


But is NordVPN good for torrenting? I’d argue that yes, there are some features that support torrenting. For example, NordVPN automatically connects to a specialized P2P server when you try to download torrents, and it has a SOCKS5 proxy to use with torrenting for higher speeds. The only feature missing here is port forwarding, it would be nice to see it in NordVPN 2022, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed.


All things considered, is NordVPN worth it? With high speeds, top-grade security and affordable pricing, I think it’s worth being called one of the best VPNs of the upcoming year as well. I can see it getting only better in 2022, but what do you think? Have you used NordVPN before? Give me your opinion in the comments!

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