NordPass vs LastPass 2021: Best password managers??

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Your password is literally the only thing standing between cybercriminals and your personal data. NordPass and LastPass are two famous password managers. NordPass is brought to you by the same teams that made NordVPN and LastPass is a service with a long history of providing only the best password protection. Which one is better for you? Find out here!

✅ NordPass features:
Password generator
Biometric authentication
Data breach scanner
Sharing login details
Importing existing passwords
OCR scanning

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✅ LastPass features:
Multi-factor authentication
Password generator
One-time passcodes feature
Free credit monitoring alert feature
Autofill feature
Cross-device capabilities
Emergency access

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1:22 What are NordPass the best features?
2:18 Which features of LastPass are most notable?
3:11 NordPass VS LastPass: which VPN has a better list of features?
3:40 Are LastPass and NordPass secure?
4:51 Which password manager has the best value for money: LastPass or NordPass?
6:15 Final verdict: which one is the best – NordPass VS LastPass?


LastPass has AES-256 encryption and PBKDF2 SHA-256. A mouthful, but it gets the job done the best. NordPass went a bit further and implemented XChaCha20 and Argon 2 for key derivation, those encryption algorithms are more robust, they are easier to implement and harder to screw up. In terms of encryption alone, NordPass goes a step further and gains an edge over LastPass.


Both password managers have enough features to play with, but they aren’t equal in that regard. LastPass is more versatile, especially considering their credit card monitoring and emergency access. NordPass aims to provide a diverse list of features, ending up having features most casual users might not even consider using. Though, most features are very easy to use. Even though NordPass steadily improves, I believe it makes sense for LastPass to get a win here.


Both of those password managers are quite close in terms of pricing. There are personal and business plans, and personal plans are, as expected, cheaper.
First of all, there’s of course a free version. Not without differences: NordPass free version is good only for a single device, at the same time. While LastPass free can be shared amongst multiple devices, of the same type only. This means either multiple computers & laptops or mobile device types like phones, tablets and smart watches.
Overall, there’s not too much difference between the prices of both password managers, so I’d say it’s a fair draw this time.


There are merits to each password manager, with NordPass and LastPass not being an exception. I invite you to test them out if you can, but for me NordPass is a more versatile option, while LastPass makes sure to provide the best security money can buy.

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