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Dashlane is one of the most popular, trusted password managers on the market right now. So how does NordPass, a newcomer to this field, compare? In this honest, straightforward NordPass vs. Dashlane comparison I’m gonna highlight the main differences between them and share the advantages and disadvantages of both password managers

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1:55 Can Dashlane and NordPass import passwords from Safari?
2:43 Can you share your passwords with NordPass and Dashlane?
3:38 NordPass VS Dashlane: which service has the best set of features?
4:05 Which password manager is more secure: NordPass or Dashlane?
5:30 Dashlane VS NordPass: which password manager has the best pricing?
7:18 Which platforms do NordPass and Dashlane support?
7:53 Which service should you pick – Dashlane or NordPass?

With many similarities in their features, capabilities and security, NordPass and Dashlane are still different enough to make a change. Personally, I like NordPass for being really streamlined, easy to use and simplistic, but Dashlane needs to be respected for its advanced security measures and features.

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☑ Passwords can contain up to 60 characters
☑ Passwords can be changed manually
☑ Extensive autofill option
☑ Autosave feature
☑ Password imports (except Safari)
☑ Secure notes feature
☑ OCR scanner (You can take a photo of the info you want to store, such as credit card details or a note. The app converts this data into text)
☑ Password sharing
☑ Data breach scanner
☑ XChaCha20 encryption
☑ Multi factor authentication
☑ Independent audit

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☑ Can create passwords of up to 40 characters
☑ Handy automatic password changer
☑ Extensive autofill option
☑ Autosave feature
☑ Password imports (except Safari)
☑ Secure notes feature
☑ Allows you to add attachments to your notes
☑ Password sharing
☑ Emergency access feature
☑ Data breach scanner
☑ Dark web monitor
☑ Multi factor authentication

❗NordPass FREE plan❗

The free plan gets you all the basics, including unlimited passwords, but you can’t share items with others, build a trusted contacts list, or use the password health or data breach scanner tools. You can log in on just one device at a time. The NordPass premium plan lets you access all the extras on six devices, while the family plan allows five unique users along with the Premium features. It’s worth mentioning that you can get a subscription bundle to NordPass and NordVPN. It will cost more but NordVPN is way more secure and advanced compared to Dashlane’s built-in VPN.

❗Dashlane FREE plan❗

Dashlane’s free plan is a bit more extensive than NordPass free because on top of the basics like generating passwords and using autofill, you get to use the security scanner and password health checker, and share passwords with up to five other users. Unfortunately, you can only store fifty passwords and use one device. You won’t be able to store notes. The Essentials plan adds unlimited passwords with unlimited shares, secure notes, the automatic password changer and two devices. With the premium plan you get all of the above on unlimited devices, along with a gig of storage, the dark web monitor and a built-in VPN. The family plan has all the premium features for up to five separate users.

The only feature that’s exclusive to NordPass is the OCR scanner. Dashlane offers a string of features that NordPass doesn’t have. In general, its feature set is more advanced. At the same time, this means that NordPass is simpler to use. It’s also continually adding new features and refining its user experience, so it’s rapidly catching up with the industry leaders.
When it comes to security, NordPass has a slight edge with its audit and progress-oriented encryption methods.

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