NordPass review 2021: Basic or best password manager? + TUTORIAL

💥Did the Nord team manage to create an industry-leading password manager NordPass?
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The Nord team stands behind one of the best VPNs on the market, but did they do an equally good job with their password manager? In this NordPass review I will take you through everything you need to know about it: does it have any new features or capabilities that others lack, is NordPass safe, and how does it compare to industry leaders?

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NordPass is a solid password manager that has a lot of important security features. Encryption levels go above and beyond. AES 256-bit is the current industry standard, but NordPass uses the next level XChaCha20 algorithm. The NordPass free version has the same tight encryption and zero knowledge architecture, it’s also safe. There are some drawbacks to the service too. There is no competitive short term pricing plan, no attachment function for notes, a somewhat limited autofill, and no Safari imports.

It compares favorably with top of the line password managers such as Dashlane, LastPass and RoboForm not only in functionality, but also in pricing, offering quite a good deal on the outstanding password protection. However, other password managers have a more complete auto fill function. RoboForm is missing a data breach alert tool, overall it’s a little more basic than NordPass. Dashlane instantly notifies you if your data is breached, plus it comes with a built-in VPN, so as far as security goes it’s more advanced. It also allows you to add attachments to your notes.

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1:08 How secure is NordPass?
2:15 Where NordPass is based?
2:28 What feautures does NordPass free version have?
3:09 On how many devices can you use NordPass?
3:22 How to use NordPass?
5:51 How to import passwords to NordPass?
6:00 Can you import passwords from Safari with NordPass?
6:57 Can you print your passwords from NordPass?
8:39 Where NordPass stands compared to other market’s leaders regarding it’s price and features?
10:20 Overview: is NordPass worth trying out?

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