Netflix VPN 🔥 Top 2 BEST VPNs for Unblocking Netflix! best netflix vpn

hey guys Lance now and today I wanted to talk about VPNs for Netflix I have two of the best VPNs to use for streaming Netflix and it’s going to depend on a duo status which is gonna be best for you which I’ll be talking about today but first I want to show you how each of these work with Netflix so you get a live instance let me go ahead and first support you while we’re not connected to any VPNs how it runs so far so just like you’d expect it loads just fine of course just reminder in the description if you’d like to see the reviews for either of these VPNs I’ll set those in the description as well and of course links to any of the best deals rebates promotions going on for either surf shark or Nord VPN I’ll situate all that down below likewise so let’s go ahead and I’ll breather this here and let’s connect to Nord and I’ll use the quick connect for both of these you can see Nord connects really fast that’s conventional for Nord VPN I’ll go ahead and refresh it now and it’s going to pick just a server for me automatically you can see it loaded up started up started just fine so and that’s been my own experience with Nord Nord projects astounding for Netflix I would say it’s the best VPN I’ve used in conjunction with Netflix still further not only for us servers but international servers as well too I’ve been doing a series of videos indicating you exploiting Nord and going through a entire cluster of US servers going through a entire bunch of international servers I’ll try to leant links in the description as well to those videos if you’re interested okay let’s go ahead and check out surf shark here and again I’ll only connect to the fastest server and looks like we are connected there so let me go ahead and refresh it now the distinctions between the two is like I said if you just demand the best go with Nord VPN but if channel-surf shark or I’m sorry if plan is a factor you know sometimes you’re just wanting to use a VPN for Netflix as an example you’re not needing all the best encryption methods you’re not trying to use a VPN and unrestricted countries you’re not you know all the different you might need a VPN for torrenting or whatever not that you can’t application that for surf shark but if you’re just crave the best of the best yeah go with Nord VPN but if you’re just utilize this for streaming Netflix that’s where surf sharks are going to be excellent choice for you and that’s right I’d certainly recommend it for if you’re just looking for what’s the least quantity you can spend and still have a great VPN to use for working with Netflix that would be the way to go so if you have any questions unquestionably feel free to announce those in the comment section below otherwise again if you want to see the full review for either channel-surf shark or Nord VPN check in the description for that and of course as I have just mentioned if you’re just trying to find the best deal possible the links in the specific characteristics will automatically request any certificates or rebates I can find for you guys so you can get all of that now that you won’t normally get when you just go to their website right now surf shark has an exceptional deal where I believe it’s you get two years for less than the price of one year plus you might even get an extra free month if I retain right so it’s an incredible consider I was able to get there so feel free to are benefiting from that if you like again if you only want a good VPN that will get the job done and allow you to stream Netflix surf shark would definitely be the way to go it’s gonna be a better value so you’ll save some money if you want to do other things like you know torrenting perhaps you’re traveling to non-eu countries you merely demand the best of the best and you’re okay to invest a little bit more money to get that I’d utterly get Nord VPN but hopefully this video was helpful for you and again leave a thumbs up if it was always appreciate that and otherwise I’ll see you guys in the next video

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