MPLS Basics VRF Configuration MPLS VPN Part 1

properly I am going to have here I have gash 30 but if you see your representation it is different I am exercising simple small numbers here in every new diagram it is one ninety two dot one sixty scatter 3.20 I don’t want to use the large-scale multitude so I procreated it a simple reduce 30 10.000 reduce for 8/ 30 you know so and so so the IP address of this interface will be ten speck 0 scatter 0 fleck this is 2 and IP of this interface will be and this is 6 and this is 9 and this is 10 and here it will be living and here it will be sorry here it will be 13 and here it will be 14 and similarly now 150 fleck one speck 31 at 128 129 130 similarly 129 130 OSPF is running on all these routers now as far now we have not gone to VPN stuff for VRS so precisely we are going to understand the MPLS behavior once again like yesterday and then from then we are going to start now MPLS is not enabled on any of this router so if I if I view I am watching the roadway of r6 sorry let me go to one second here what I’ll do I’ll advertise a network interface Lubeck 7 in the interface Newburg 7 I have 7.7 fleck 7.7 so I will say IP ospf one country 0 I’m ad the Seven Network from r7 I want to see that on our 6 r6 is in some other direction some other end our 7 is in the other it I’m go to our 6 and going to say show IP route 7.7 scatter 7.7 707 somebody to say it says I know how to go to 7.7 scatter 737 through OSPF I have learned it my next hop-skip is this louder necessitates our 6 known about 7 so if I make from here 7.7 dot seven is going to ping route is there but it is not MPLS shooting it’s not label swapping it is just how to easy traceroute 7.7 at 7.7 it’s it’s not having any labels here regular IP routing not multi-protocol label switching now we are going to enable MPLS on r1 from R 1 to R 0 or 5 we’re going to enable impale is exclusively on this so this is going to be a kind of ISP no one at anima organization and these two are like you know customers purchaser r6 as a branch office r7 connected to other dissolve of the ISP now I’m going to enable MLM pls why should we go for MPLS can someone give some to three valid reason why MPLS is needed so fast convergence because you do description swapping in 2.5 blanket redres another reason right so because you overlay every router on the course need not to learn all the routes what’s are the customer need that is VPN abstraction will go to that one last-minute to hide the customer they do again you know we go for MPLS that is also VPN all right so far security ooh singly alright let us go on anyway MPLS on r1 r2 r3 r4 and r5 even from r1 I would like to show you the retrace of vestige itinerary 7.7 scatter 7.7 with the causes of one that one denoted one every router has a loopback interface with his own word r1 entails 100 one or two means to left order to Detroit has look at boundaries right now I’m going to pin so this is the traceroute is happening without an MPLS now enabling MPLS is very simple what is it command exactly that’s all in the world-wide configuration state you category in pls IP this enables are out there to be any less our router label permutation router but on the interfaces MPLS is not really running the rubber trees enabled as an ELISA now go under and faster than the 2/0 2/0 I am NOT departing under serial shut is connected to customer r1 is the provider edge r6 is a customer edge r1 is a provider edge here are five is a provider edge whereas R 2 R 3 R 4 our provider simply routers because they’re not concerned connected to any patron now on our phone on faster 3 to 0 because it is providers interface providers arrive I enable MPLS MPLS IP MPLS is enabled simply this much enabling in pillars it is not possible to many requires simply your single mastery MPLS IP MPLS is enabled now what is the verification command someone tell me the proof require I want to check whether MPLS is running on fast ethernet 2/0 present MPLS i want to check whether MPLS is running on fast ethernet 2/0 for every LS interfaces that said here today demonstrates MPLS is running on this interface it’s only on this interface we operate and what is the default label distribution protocol it is LDP we don’t have TDP by default how to change from LDPE let me abruptly evidence you that also interface fastethernet 2/0 and then we say MPLS MPLS label protocol see LDP TDP or both TDP is old Cisco proprietary which consumers you TCP seven one one in study we read that LG uses what TCP 646 TCP 646 is LDP TDB seven one one now if you want to use TB you can use TDP I’m saying TDP the protocol is TDP see the default one it is LD P if “youre telling” both your interface can talk to TDP as well as LDP right now I have said TDP told us take the same command up testify MPLS LDP now you are presented in the bracket it says TDP is running have the deployment etiquette label dispensation protocol right now impedance is running on r1 let us go to our two and enable MPLS on our two MPLS IP interface faceted 1/0 MPLS IP interface fastethernet 1/1 MPLS IP when they form neighbor r1 or not to with a house neighbour they won’t why one back it is talking as LDP sorry TDP r1 is talking as TDP r2 is LDP by default so we need to match let us parallel boundary faceted 1/0 what is the command to change the protocol MPLS label protocol I’ll say both now alright now this should form neighbor see it is forming neighbor with a loopback interface of our word I was telling you like OSPF MPLS too picks a router ID that will be a Lubeck address and it should be a reachable address course important quantity of the time you know we will form neighbor but but no informs no place happens the problem you know you are not reaching the neighbor address if never address is not reached he won’t have proper same between the routers so you will find you know MPLS speaking a router ID everything will be going good but they won’t sort neighbor they won’t settle the problem is this neighbor address that it is chosen as a router ID is not reachable all right so that’s why I ever pay off on all the Dewback interface and this is a reachable addressing OSPF that router thought of neighbor need not to be a reachable address in MPLS it should be a reachable address right right a doll that okay next on there on down to three MPLS IP interface faceted 1/0 MPLS IP interface faster than 1/1 MPLS IP now I have enable to happiness MPLS asphalt neighbour first specific comments is check MPLS neighbour support pls MVP neighbor see it says I got one neighbor you there’s one more require on free ok then how much mental breach that out is this I have enabled ldpr TDP I enable TDP but when it up support MPLS LDP neighbor how QB neighbor will be seen all right that’s a good question but you know Cisco is designed in such a way that if you type LD been able to show TDP neighbor also right I will show you that I go to our r2 and say prove MPLS LDP a neighbor you told you also watch TDP neighbor c7 one one is what TD be right TDP r1 is TDP neighbor seven strange crowd whereas r2 or the sorry r3 r3 is an LD P neighbor that’s why 646 port numeral so to see both LD P and DDP neighbor the authority is the same command is same it is not possible to separate observation for TDP right where we left I think we were in our for now r3 is done in lippy neighbor is only one neighbor let’s finish on our for MPLS IP interface fastethernet one/ zero pls IP interface fastethernet 1/1 MPLS IP alright similarly on our five simply one interface interface fasted abbreviated at zero MPLS IP globally too MPLS typing and now MPLS is enabled on all these all these routers what is the proof what is the proof when I ping from a when a traceroute from r1 when a mark itinerary for am r1 I could see labels in the bracket but you ensure all descriptions are saying every router uses the same label to go to 7.7 speck 7.7 no need to get sickened why descriptions are locally significant names are locally substantial to the router so 2 router can have same name quantity for that same network not a problem but if you want to have different label you restart the MPLS process so you will get different labels once the label is gathered you meet one formerly the label is assigned by a router it tells the neighbor that I am consuming this particular label formerly the label sharing happened you router that is coming inside will not use the same description numeral so if you would like to have different name I can go two or three I’m going to or three and I can change that by saying no MPLS IP I just cancel once I kept the MPLS back to freshen my description amount merely to freshen my label multitude but you need not to have different label number even if the label crowds are saying there is no problem why descriptions are locally substantial similarly let me likewise do some refresh on r5 no MPLS IP MPLS IP now you appreciate I am going to trace the street from r1 you will get different different names now because we refresh the MPLS process you got different different names alright still if you miss different label then you can go to our five is again I can say no MPLS Ikey MPLS IP now you will get different different description again 20:29 2013 go now how ambulance oaths our five is the owner of 7.7 scatter 7.7 a sir no yes alpha is the one who propagandizes the label who is the owner of Empire MPLS vapour for our 7.7 that sound actually seven is all doubter 77.72 at 7.7 say substantiate IP interface summary cellular 7 at 7.7 is on 12 to 7 but simply an hour mistake is coming inside MPLS domain know what our 5 “re going to tell” to our 4 is like this you see I’ll go to our 4 and demo you the routing table of or the data playing table data plane of MPLS MPLS forwarding this is the data plane of MPLS it says 47.7 fleck 7.7 47.7 and 7.7 the regional label is 20 and r5 is using label number 38 now let’s go to our five establish MPLS forwarding demonstrate MPLS LDP forwarding camacho umbrellas forwarding forwarding it says 47.7 speck 7.7 I don’t have any label and now PHP will not happen why proprietor of 7. 7 that 7.7 is not about to fight instead of the situation what the hell are you realise is are five of the owner of the network so PHP happened on our foot what is PHP when I’ll dedicate how popping so n1 is one router will pop out the label here are five is not really the final destination is not the end router it may be in an MPLS cloud it may be the first router an impedance shadow but still “its not” the final destination that’s why you don’t see popping is happening on our for this understanding you should have but for final five at 5 at 5 or 4 carton the label out why 5 for final favorite 4 at 5 alpha is the owner so PHP happens on or for itself iran or for it sounds the label out this understanding you should have when PHP will happen when PHP cannot happen v speck v fleck v dot v is now 2 5 so router for what it will do it will remove the label it will sounds the label out are sent to our 5 so that are finding our to do two lookups name look up and look up it needs to do merely route look up whereas 47.7 37.7 it introduces a label and gumption it is RFI the one which is going to do both the lookup and send the packet out without a label why a single 1/0 which is a point-to-point network so let’s also detect from here are six is evident from are six too you are seeing the label but this is danger you witness a customer sees a label and customer sees how many hop-skips to reach my branch office out to seven how to suppress assure patron are six is a customer now customers ascertaining the label customer is viewing the gateway router IP address on isp network which is not good customer is receiving ISPs land they can use for attack they can attack the isp very easily if they have these data now how can i SP hide this by not tolerating TTL to be decremented if you know if you’re not allowing TTL to be decremented you can hide the move weighs now currently how many hops “youve had” six moves you have now I am going to hide the isp network from customer MPLS will happen but provider providers network LAN deter cannot be seen by the customer how to do that who to our world MPLS IP TTL not to get em below that we propagate it now transmit TTL I need to say what know by default in transmit CTL I’m saying don’t propagate it here in name by doing so I can obscure my ISPs path information so I’m doing this on r1 r2 or s well no MPLS IP TTL sorry transmitted here now MPLS IP propagate ETL now MPLS IP propagate ETL and also on r5 now MPLS IP likelihood all right Danna now if I will go to r6 r6 is what the customer client are seeing all the service providers report but we don’t want that we are therefore yielded no MPLS IP propagate ETL because of that purchaser isn’t oh ok yes now one more router I need to do that experience previously the number of members of hop-skips or 6 now it is only 3 centre but still it reaches it reaches I missed in one of the router which is why i 1414 we come where to all 13 14 that will be in our fuel but I foresee I are for what happened I did now let’s do one more duration r r6 how comes how come this cannot come like this it indicates one of the move in the middle which it should not do propagandizing the equator you incredulity it will be pending so it is all the cooler because of the day they’re not that bad like routing etiquette fast teacup every five seconds they send the hello messages they can sense it’s fast like a gr PA can say we should be really of mycosis outpace but you ever what ground you will do it there is no reason why you need to do that there is no reason so like this this problem you know you can fix it somewhere some small town is happening but you understood then from six up we have gone down to three huh providers notorious healer all right so this is the command and what else we learnt yesterday what is the command to see the data plane of MPLS show MPLS forwarding what is the command to see the switch airliner of MPLS show MPLS LDP binding present MPLS and here it won’t work we don’t have emptiness on our six go to r2 and form indicate MPLS LDP covering so this command will show you the terminated route counter of emptiness this routing decide of MPLS is built with the help of what l degree etiquette description deployment etiquette look at this it says for for forward for at footer for the local mobile is 18 and one of the neighbours one has a label digit 18 another neighbour neighbour called 3.3 I’ll take out three as label count 27 so neighbours name crowds are learned on this outer it is possible exclusively through a protocol which is the protocol it is LDP the one which constructed this routing counter of MPLS i call it as bind table now one more thing yesterday i forgot to show you that surf counter will too have herbal now i want to show you then prove reveal IP search 7.7 fleck 7.7 will likewise have a label now that you can also find in the binding table for same 207 at 7 regional descriptions 20 it’s the same thing okay sorry local amount is 20 but to whom you will be sending it would be forwarding 7.7 at 7.7 packet 2 R 3 R 3 from RT you would be sending the container to R 3 to be done in order to 7.7 at 7.7 so the outgoing interface label is what you are finding in the chef’s table that is one more good than the local description to push the packet you you know need your key description you need the next neighbors label so that’s what founding the safe table so you know up to this level I believed to be finished and today what we are going to see is what if I have more customers connected to the same router same provider hem I have more clients you know here one here one you are familiar with on and here one let’s acquire like this all even crowds 6 8 and 10 belong to customer a all even belong to customer a but they are connected in different prior age all require nine eleven and seven client be different size all right now if you’re going to understand the next two hours of configuration I tell you CCIE you have cleared your establish ascertain check a laboratory in CCO lab the first section of troubleshooting what beings will feel free is emptiness and it is Sam like this what you are going to see now right so it’s such an important thing so if I have more customer see a purchaser a SLS customer be connected to same site now if this router is going to have both the customers routing information in the same table there is more security between these clients reciting again if clients are out and purchaser B’s route will be maintained in the same routing table of the provider customers I am devoting says that’s what be without purchasers beeves knowledge there is no security claim so what we need is we need a virtual router to separate purchaser charge from patron B for that we go for we are F virtual grind again for previously well F for for each purchaser you need to have separate BRF if you don’t know we are up then you need to provide separate separate router which is more costly freedom we need to go we need to we need to create some VXR virtual route and forwarding so that a separate routing table will be mating for each purchaser and for each routing table “theres been” separate SEF table price table separate routing counter separate fab counter for each client is I’m starting the recording again as I told you before all even routers all evened out lives let us consider this customer a all our drawed routers let us consider as customer B so I need to to vrf I need to go to we are of here – we are of now for we have a customer a and patron B and now likewise – – and here for we are of B and here for vrf a customer so let us start from r2 by creating vrf we understand the purpose of vrf the one more one more reason why we need to go for Viera fence there may be two customers having same that work inside the inside the organization same they told inside their organization same network let’s say now 172 not 16 this chap patron B also has customer a also as if they go to the same routing table then there will be a conflict you settled them in two different different routing counter no problem whether this client is having 170 216 this one encircles no problem still they will be maintained separate separately why for each itinerary given by the customer there will be 64 fleck off roadway rationing conveys contributed around this thing you should press network of the customer different shades let’s say around discriminates of patron is one core in one route discriminates of client B is one: b 1: assign one current to one current to 1: 1 1 72 16 that is coming from customer rail will be looking like this one phone each what about 16.0 fleck 0: 1: 1 now coming from customer we look like this once not do at 60 get 0 times 0: 1: 2 are the same no one coin 1 here in the end here in the end on: – they’re not the same what will be the size of the network address 32+ 64 96 64 fleck of superhighway distinguisher and drought target is being used now cause us see about now distinguish and outer barrier in configuration statu and generator I am going to create two VRS so we are if we are only dedicate here a shift of client now i pv f IP b RF and then the specify IP d RF then a identify let’s say customer underscore a and then route distinguisher generally naturally people will write the autonomous organization in the initial stages the implies in the initial stages as an out mark let us say customer is in autonomous method 30 so they will say 30 and then they will put: and then they will say the IP address on the customer router let’s say the IDS on the customer out there in our scenario is let us say a da came zero dot zero speck one eighty eight dot zero dot zero dot one this is how they will all right okay firstly IP address 88 0 fleck 0 fleck 1: 30 the autonomous system figure this is you know essentially seen in the real world but we are not going to do this type of you are familiar with manipulate not needed most I am simply you are familiar with for for our and better understanding and simply say for customer a our destination will be 1: 1 for customer B route distinction will be 1: 2 so easy to remember if I kept big big-hearted figure it’s not easy to understand the other concept so to offset the concept learning easy I do this so in reality parties will try to give an autonomous plan quantity and some quantity or IP address of the customer and some and the autonomous organization figure or some count that’s how they will do what is the size of this the size of this is 64 -bit all right next round target we understood that yesterday router here why do we need now target it is the router target one makes a provider edge router whether to import or not they inform that is coming via VPN when an update comes through a VPN it is now target the one which is going to define which is going to decide whether to import or export some subnets based on route target only clients patron is branch office can be identified right so we will talk about our target when we do essentially I can show you so that you will understand better now I’m going to say for our target professional why do we need to export now all the network that is coming from our eight should be send it to our six and our 10 why they’re all client is router so you need to do what you need to take those streets that is coming from our eight and export it inside VPN so when you export the others will input so if you use X for exporting “if youre using” 1: 1 crowd inner the import they will use 1: 1 see if I exportation now with 1: 1 on our two on our when it will improve with on: 1 what it is you exportation the next phone number will be used for importing on the other side whatever you export in this side that same number will be used to import on the other side that’s why I “ve told you” now target helps you to import whatever is necessary and filter others now so I’m going to say whatever that is coming in customer a vrf you export it with there is a number 1: 1 and then whatever our six cents and whatever our 10 and our 6 pennies you do what you import with any list if you say 11 code and 11 so make sure you export there with 11: tier but I would like to go with the same number so that we will avoid confusion so here here I’m for I am doing for export and import the same one code anyone nothing wrong so you won’t be in confusion what – what digit for exportation you want what amount for importation when you configure the other provider edge routers now we may purchasers in US v RF is configured give us do client Beasley RF how to do what is the command to create v RF IP v RF any mention client stres b and then you say now distinguisher is let’s say 2: 2 so 2 to go into i am use for client be right there is no restriction of using this amount alright so you can use it and then under what target router barrier for both import and export we are going to use the same number correct for both import and export we are going to use the same number if that is the case you no need to say export import you no need to say that if for import and export it is the same number you no need to mention it you can simply say like this 2: 2 mean for both import and export it will be taken as 2: 2 i want to show you that look at this sure move you insure for purchaser B we didn’t say exportation an input it takes automatically if you are going to use the same number for both import and export then no need to specify import and export separate separately you simply fire out target and then the figure so this is what we configured now I what I’m going to do is I’m just going to copy this and paste it on there and outers it’s going to be the same vrf configuration account against epoch now you know the biddings right I am simulating this and I’m going to paste it on r1 even though our one don’t have a customer B I am really doing that it won’t make you know extra process nothing now there is no customer connected to r3 it is provided only router so I’m not going to do any BRF configuration there if I do we are of configuration there it becames we are a flight which is out of chile’s we can say I am NOT going to see do any BRF configuration on r3 instead I am going to form VPN so let me go to r4 and glue it now alright similarly let me likewise do an r5 right step by step we are doing you know it’ s very easy so far what we have done or step is running on all this provider router and we have created vrf that’s it next thing is when we create a wheel and what do you do really initiating Union is not enough now you need to assign interface to ERF a same interface to Galen there veera membership too now it is essential to do vrf a sending interface to BRF now al good ours are Phi R one R one you determine an R one interface serial 1/0 I was also necessary lay in v RF customer a because all even quantities we discussed like the customer a so what I’ll do I’ll go to interface serial 1/0 IP v RF forwarding for what we rf-4c you st underscore a this is v RF membership right it’s like assigning a VLAN to an boundary a semi interface to Avilan but the problem is I already have I have given an IP address on this interface I have recently been given an IP address on this interface and this was to synchronize was a member of the world-wide routing table before now I just take that boundary from the world routing table and establishing it as a separate routing table is that right that’s what we have this for us it throws these delays in a separate viewer of table that has a favorite of the magazine routing table when you do that what happens your IP address will be deleted why you have been taken out from the world route counter ensure the moment I reached enter it says okay but I am removing your IP address from the boundary why this network is no more belong to do every table this was a member of global Tauranga I’m before now I have plugged it from the world routing table and I have thrown it under we are a stable even OSB of everything that was passing get-up-and-go out it is like you know breaking down the broadcast domain in the in substitution usage you have broken down now settled the IP address again remedy compensate you need to do everything BRF aware route etiquette vrf aware so and so everything is advisable to we are at hamurana chastise – ardour fervor – burn – – or 250 – all right I’ll give an IP address cause us check the routing table now I told you there will be more than one routing table now exclusively one interface is a member of Vieira is there any mention for verifying brf’s yes sure I Pete vrf you participate the authorities have two VR apps made called client a accentuate reckon underscore a and customer underscore B and they have web distinguisher 1: 1& 2: 2 and it is serial formerly letter 0 a member of V RF customer a it’s very important dominate very nice to troubleshoot if we have any problem with a MPLS VPN this is a very good place to troubleshoot whether to check C in C CIA exam this is also getting recorded I what I am saying CCI exam they won’t ask you to do any sort of MPLS configuration from scratch if they will ask you to do you will do step by step very nicely as I am testifying you and you will clear it very easily you need your troubleshoot what do they might have done instead of putting you see your 1/0 in the via of patron a they might have settled ISPs interface fastethernet for that small-minded reasonablenes you are not able to converge from one surface to the other side you may be thinking about V GB issue you may be thinking about VL DP t DB but you will leave this one membership interface membership you know you got only two hours to solve eleven problems eleven tickets each the good may have more than one trouble if you’re not exactly to say one difficulty will be there for one ticket two hours simply I tell you exclusively you are who you are you know what enough I am Marie other now leans you need to have very good hands on are as gone two hours only you obliging two hours only level question no it’s very very serious issue it’s not that easy you will have about thirty thirty two routers thirty thirty two routers you need to have you need to think in all aspects and you will have eleven problems in that eleven tickets and each rank will have more than one hurt to be fixed to or will not be really sufficient unless you have a good answer so satisfy no doubt these type of tiny small-minded explain do not ignore these comments evidence IP vrf will show you all the view of creator and the boundary that belong to vrf and it also see it shows you route distinguisher now where can I go and check out target it evidences only route dispensation I want to check whether what superhighway target they have given here so that I can go to the other side and original out target and troubleshoot route target is again another place where they might have mismatched street target should coincide so then what is the command to see the router it picture IP vrf a detail or brief brief item detail it demonstrates even the roadway target you see now target is to: tube for import and export to see the route target the command is we are of detail it will show you both roadway argot as well as now distinguisher alright now we have configured on r1 similarly on our two interface interface serial 2/0 on 2/1 interface serial 2/0 on 2/1 need to move put under vrf interface Celia to slur zero what is the command to assign an interface to a vrf IP v RF forwarding so I am saying you need to forward for him for v RF customer a similarly interface serial 2/1 IP d RF forwarding B these boundaries I have not assigned IP address so let me also assign IP address interfacing of 2/0 make us assign an IP address like this 150 dot same like what you have in the chart 150 fleck one fleck 31.4 reduce 30 so on down I will give 5 and top I’ll give 6 so are 6 I’ll give IP address 150 dot one fleck 31.5 I matching you the chart now 5.5 is on CDL to lash 0 to 5 5 are to 500 to 550 to all right similarly on interface serial 1/2 I won’t I would like to give an IP address and now the IP address will look like this 32.0 32.0 now I’m just pair with the sketch that you have in your hand I’m going to be 115 or 1.30 2.1 on serial 2/1 interface serial 2/1 IP address this IP address is 150 150 fleck one dot 32 dot1q extent 5.2 500 250 – all right it is then now what is the proof dictations for v RF q ib v RF ensures there are two brf’s called customer and client B with shortage nickname of one color one and two one two and the serial 2/0 is a member of the RFA and 2/1 is a member of fear of V now same configuration I would like someone to come here and do an r5 and r6 I didn’t tell dictate to same like that now for patron be here for customer env title anyone anyone anyone in tears it’s getting recorded yes welcomes it – ah hi he has already there nothing so also one is customer as I’m sorry what is this movie please predict our only declare you treat it so curious digit are the real customize tab you can see USD you like Khan state of Fiat 1.30 1.8 1.1 another region let’s go to our category yeah if it be selected it will imitate or we need to copy or sometimes you write so thank you so now we should receive more than one routing table on each so do give us verify that I’ll I’ll show you an r1 first picture IP route you consider show IP route it indicates only the global routing counter now what do you need to do is display IP route hotshot sorry indicate IP vrf substantiate IP LFL out reveal IP route vrf come on this is the one all if you testify you the world-wide routing table plus the routing counter of customer ID the routing counter of customer B now client B we don’t have any customer B in our one provider edge that’s why you don’t find any network there we don’t have any interface but customer a has an interface single one hotshot zero that is sink surface and that that has a network of 150 at 1.30 one 150 fleck 1.30 1.1 28 that is a network that is the network that we got so you have a separate routing table for this interface and all the other boundaries all the other boundaries that is not member of any vrf will be a part of world-wide routing table so that is a fast internet 2/0 accepted under world route counter all those interface “thats really not” a member of any BRF will be a part of world routing table so which would be used by ISP itself now let us likewise authenticate the same on our to show IP route BRF if you want to see merely for patron a this is the command see you est underscore a simply purchaser a route table will be seen for customer be only patron be routing table will be seen but I’m not watch any system is likely to be the boundary is shutdown interface serial 2/1 no glistening bow a serial 2/0 no shirt why something else is wrong display IP v RF is interface designed yes evidence IP interface summary serial 2/0 okay okay you know why i am not seeing the other side is not configured i am not say no shutdown on the other side so should be going nas or 8 or 8 I’ll turn on all right as soon as r9 on our 8 boundary serial once make 0 know start IP address is 150 fleck one fleck 31 scatter of it’s 6 according to the diagram to 50 or 200 to 500 250 to here boom at variable B error because this is custom don’t earmark this interface in any BRF similarly on our nine boundary serial 1 reduction 0 now shared IP address is 115 or 1 or 32 god – so we’re out of error over 250 – all right now if I go back to r2 and check the routing table for purchaser a and client B I’ll find separate separate route table you see here this is for customer B I got the route and for purchaser a also I got their out now pinging from here should be possible ping 150 fleck 1.31 fleck 31.6 says but this ping will not be successful why when you ping like this it studies with a source of world-wide route table but your ego should be vieira move counter so while dreaming likewise you need to mention what we are F counter need to be used even while detecting the route you need to mention the error so ping applying VR F cos T underscore a this address now it will be similarly if you want to ping 32.2 what should I write now customer be it will be so this is how we need obtain if you want to trace the roadway same procedure discover direction exploiting vrf client and rehabilitate be the address right this is how you need to trace the superhighway otherwise it will try to use source as world route counter there won’t be structure available in world-wide talking to more than problem ok now we understood how to create vrf and how to delegate direction target and route distinguisher the next thing what we are going to do is like creating VPN alright so before we get into VPN let’s have 15 instants pray

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