Most Popular VPN of All Time 🔥 Nord VPN Review 2020 [Hindi] – क्या Special है Nord में ??

Hi Guys, My Name is Kripesh Adwani I “ve talked” a lot about VPN on this Channel I have made a video about ” Best VPN”, if you haven’t watched it yet, you can find it on “I Button” I have likened different VPNs, among other issues was Nord VPN Nord VPN has performed specific alters, due to which I have made a separate detailed video for this Today we will talk in detail about Nord VPN We will find out the Pros and Cons and the recent changes it has experienced Let’s Start with Servers Here you will get up to 5000+ Servers There are 2 places in India: Mumbai and Chennai There are more than 26 servers in India Speeds are quite good here My Original Speed is 120 Mbps Download and 120 Mbps Upload Last time, when I accomplished the quicken measures there were different rapidities in Android and Macbook I checked it through all the designs and played the quicken exams There were good moves in Android Windows, Mac, and iOS There have been only 10% loss in the move When I used the USA Servers for checking the speed measures on Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS There were good rushes and there was no drop in any accelerate So Speed performance has been really good in Nord VPN It has remained stable in various platforms, which has compiled me happy, I judge, one of the reasons behind it is their protocol, which I will discuss later Talking about its reliability, it is one of the most reliable VPN Servers out there, there are no fluctuations in Nord VPN Log Policy in Nord VPN, Keeps no Log Here is their privacy policy, and they have mentioned that they don’t remain any record, IP Address, Bandwidth or info of any website is not remained A certificate audit is conducted by Nord VPN by Price Water House Coopers, a private companionship that forgets scrutiny of such companies So this audit was conducted by them in the last year and they attested that Nord VPN is not retain any enters In July 2020 they have conducted a test They have been attested that they do not remain any enters There was full access to the physical servers and employees were interviewed for the audit I will announce this blog relate in the description It is a good practice that a VPN Company gets its Audit done every year Most of the VPN Company does not get itself audit ExpressVPN and Nord VPN are the ones which get itself examined each year It is a good practice when these scrutinies are regular The examines shouldn’t be one time and then there is no audit taking place Conduct Audit every year and demo its certificate.So Nord VPN has done that Security facets have IKEv2 Protocol Open VPN and Encryption has AES with 256 fragment So the latter are standard facets which are available in almost every VPN and it is good as there are no ailments You won’t find any DNS Leaks The New Feature they have added on is their new etiquette “NordLynx” This protocol is based on WireGuard Protocol which is the future for VPNs So you will get better Speeds and Security So in an easier expression, through this protocol, you get better quickens: Locally and Internationally and Good security Streaming is good in Netflix USA and UK Hotstar was not working, when I use it in the month of January, but now it uses up to 80% simply Up to 80% to 90% of the time, Hotstar would work And if it doesn’t work, then you can place a query with subsistence Amazon Prime Blocks VPN most of the time They have been blocking the Nord VPN Servers most of the time In my occasion, I was able to access Amazon Prime for up to 70 -8 0% only I cannot watch it due to the error, that you are on a VPN so the access is denied In that case, I used to reconnect with another server and continue watching Amazon Prime For Streaming, Nord VPN is good, but sometimes there are certain errors.P2P and torrenting is supported now Talking about its Jurisdiction, this is based in Panama, which is not a part of 14 Eyes Countries Which signifies Govt. cannot force for providing data from your servers or tracing any customer. So all this cannot be forced. Talking about the features we have TOR over VPN CyberSec feature is used for blocking ads and Malware So basically you are getting ad blocker in Nord VPN There is a feature of Split Tunnel Feature in Andriod Split Tunnel means you don’t want that app to use VPN If I am working Zomato App, I do not miss “theyre using” Mumbai IP Address If the Zomato has to deliver in Bhopal, they should get the IP address of Bhopal and not of Mumbai In that case, the Split Tunnel is helpful There is the function of Double VPN If you use Open VPN Protocol, then it means you are rebounding over 2 IPs If you have in the USA and the UK, then you connect from both of them and then you access your website It is a good feature, but if you need anonymity, then it’s better you have TOR Browser, you will find it in “I button” You also get to see the Obfuscated Servers which are specifically for that neighborhood, where a certain VPN is blocked Like in China and in certain Schools and Colleges where VPNs are blocked principally, so, in that case, these servers can be used Nord VPN will work in China by using these servers Talking about its History, Nord VPN was hacked in 2018 There were servers that were being hacked, there were certain breaches due to the mismanagement by the 3rd gathering Now there are server infraction but one boast that was not like by the people was Nord VPN didn’t ply a timely response It was hacked in 2018 and in the year 2019, they get to know Then they took around 6 months to disclose this matter to the public So this was shunned by the public, and in response to this Nord VPN said that they needed epoch so that they can improve their servers I have the link in the description, where you can find out through the clause, what actually happened Now, you should trust this or not, This choice is totally yours, it depends totally on you, whether you should trust this or not It’s your wish to trust this firm For me, personally, I would trust Nord VPN It doesn’t matter for me, the websites do get hacked, but what is important is preventive measures that are taken to prevent it All the avoidance and security measures that you are taking, is important for me I will still trust Nord VPN and they deserve an opportunity, in my opinion The security measures they are able to take for the next years have been very well explained by them They have hired a leading cybersecurity consulting house They will conduct many assessments They have also introduced the “Bug Bounty Program” so that hackers “re going to tell” and cause them know the loopholes n the apps and websites, so this is the positive step Then they have recently handled the security audit, in the month of July Then they have higher protection standards There is “Diskless Servers” where RAM servers would be used Now, in RAM servers, the data is not stored in the cache or Hard Disk It is stored on the RAM and as soon as the server reboots, the data automatically erases out Traditionally, the data used to get saved on the Hard Disk, then it has to be wiped out So in the middle somewhere can put up the Trojan, so it is a loophole Here, there is no such activity in this method This is usually done by rare VPN providers, and ExpressVPN is one of them, Nord VPN has also begun to it According to the upcoming information, Nord VPN will too have RAM Servers Talking about the application, it has Android, Windows, Mac, iOS, Android TV, Linux, Chrome and Firefox, it is available The best part is, they have an app in the Android Playstore There are many favourite companies which do not stipulate their apps in the comedy collect, specifically in India, like ExpressVPN and Sufshark Up to 6 users can use it simultaneously It has a very simple, plain and easy to use interface You time have to connect it and it will automatically connect you with the fastest servers available If you want to connect to the USA, it will automatically connect to the fastest servers present over there Talking about the Android interface, it is quite good and easy to use You too get divided passage iOS is also having an easy to use interface and it is same as Android Talking about Mac and Windows interface, I didn’t like it at all, especially of Mac It needs improvement as they support a big map It seems grassland and standing so, it is not what I have paid for So it needs improvement and it can be made better Same way, the interface of the windows can be made better Overall, the mobile experience is good, Desktop and Macbook interface needs a bit of improvement Customer Support is 24 x7 Live Chat and you can contact them through Emails, Pricing has its best plan for three years which is for $ 125.64 So often you have to take it for 3 years if you need the best offer Sometimes, there are rejects for 2 years and 1 year, so I will provide the link in the description You will get the best give in that tie-in plus you will also get an extra free 1-month subscription You knows where to find my affiliate join below, which entails, purchasing through that I would get a commission, without you paying an extra cost In fact, you are able to too get an extra discount If you will use my tie, it causes me It facilitates me in doing the unbiased critique videos So if you like my job, do support me by purchasing by my joins Payment options include: Debit card, Credit Card, Google Pay, and Paypal You can claim 30 eras moneyback through their indemnity program Let’s talk about the pros and cons Hit LIKE Button, if you have LIKED the video till now Its Pros are: Its cons are: It has a Split tunnel, but it is only in Android The best programme is for three years, so you will have to do a long term commitment There can be improvements in the boundary of Mac and Windows Streaming will work but in Amazon Prime, it won’t work ever So whether you should take it When I recollected it at the start, I liked it It was best for Android But when I used it in the last 6 months and the changes they have done Specifically, for velocity, questions of safety and for the new etiquette Due to that, they have got good rapidities, they have been more stable and more reliable So Nord VPN is one of the best VPN out there You is absolutely go for it There is one con, that it is necessary to do a 3-year long term commitment, So if you can do it then Nord VPN is the best out there You is absolutely try that out If you are looking for the budget option then Nord VPN would be the best alternative If you want to go further above this then Express VPN is one of them There is a tough fight between Nord and Express VPN I will make a separate video on Express VPN But for most customers, Nord VPN would be good enough LIKE and SUBSCRIBE to this CHANNEL

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