Mit VPN-Verbindung auf E-Medien der SUB Göttingen zugreifen

Hello and welcome to another tutorial. In this video we explain how you can access the licensed e-media, i.e. e-books, electronic journal sections and databases of the SUB Gttingen with VPN from home. E-media are practical. If you want to have quick access to scientific material from residence, an e-medium saves you having to go to the library. Thanks to a further development of the VPN service of the GWDG, members of the university, i.e. students and employees, can access e-media via VPN. To do this, a VPN client supported by GWDG must be installed on every end design, i.e. a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone. The VPN client is a small program that integrates your own computer into the university network – no matter where you are. The GWDG information page offers you various options for using the VPN. If you choose AnyConnect, please select this option and follow the instructions step by step. If you have difficulties with the facility, please contact GWDG support. Was the installation successful? Congratulations! You can now access your e-media from residence just as readily as from campus if you have established a VPN connection to the University of Gttingen! If your VPN installation drove, but you still cannot access a sought-after e-medium, can be contacted our reinforcement. Please state the exact resource you would like to access and too open us your current IP address. You can find out your IP address by visiting the GWDG page:, for example. We will try to find and fix the problem and get back to you.If you have any questions orneed further facilitate, delight is not hesitate to contactus ..

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