Microsoft Endpoint Manager: Split-tunnel VPN

In June 2020, as much as4 2% of the US workforce cultivated remotely. So, yes, remotework is prevalent. But more parties workingat home symbolizes more beings expending VPN to connectto the office. Back in March 2020, VPN usageincreased by 124% per week. Wow! Your VPN infrastructureis saturated. Network access isslower, users aren’t having a great experiencebecause all their traffic spurts through the department, and costs are going up. All that traffic does not needto go through the VPN, though. Access to Windows modernizes, gloom apps like Office 365, personal web sites, andeven boxed lotions was submitted by utilizing MicrosoftEndpoint Manager can bypass it absolutely. You can constitute that happenby utilizing split-tunnel VPN to selectively choosethe traffic that flows through the VPN. Traffic that needs to, likeaccessing LOB apps and data, goes to the office. Everything else goesstraight to the internet. That increases throughput fortraffic that really requires it. A prevail for employees. And it lowers IT costsby reducing stress on the VPN infrastructure. A earn for the business.Of course, all this givesemployees a better experience, and that prepares everyone happy. Deploy split-tunnel VPN today. It improves bandwidth, increases the onu on your VPN infrastructure, and additions work satisfaction.

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