hi everyone and welcome to theplanet vpn youtube channel in this video we will present you the best free vpn for android vpn areknown for their encryption that will hide your internet congestion from levering noses andwill realise you anonymous online apart from this a vpn will enable you to change youronline orientation and make any website believe you are in another country this way a vpnwill allow you to bypass the restrictions change country on netflix and access thelive program blocked a vpn can do a lot for you irrespective of platform you areusing and for this reason we have decided to show you the best free vpn for androidwe will too indicate you a bonus option a vpn “thats really not” free but furnishes you a30-day refund span so you can use it risk-free for the first 30 days after which you canget a full refund in this video we will likewise view the lim itations of free vpnso that you still know what to expect compared to premium vpn the best vpn for androidwe are going to see are proton vpn hide.me and tunnelbear let’s start with protonvpn avpn based in switzerland proton vpn for us is the best free vpn for android given itsunlimited bandwidth that you will not find on any other vpn in this list despitebeing free vpn likewise a great level of security offers armed point encryptiondns and even a vpn kill substitution such is aspects that usually canbe found on premium vpn this free android vpn has a logging policy0 which means it is not keep the browsing history data of your ip addresstime embos of the bandwidth abused and so on it is a native application for androidso you don’t need to use open vpn buyer to manually configure it by the wayof this proton vpn volunteers merely one etiquette openvpn openvpn is a good option but havingother options like aitv2 and wireguard would be better peculiarly since many other vpn havestarted offering this option proton vpn exclusively offers a simultaneous joining whichis not very good and besides it has an average hurried as likewise written on the proton vpn siteif we open the app we can see that there are only three connection servers japan, netherlands and united states so is not expect huge unlocking capabilities the free explanation of protonvpn too will not work in a way reliable with netflix and places like all perform and bbc iplayerexample are impossible to reach as it has no server in india and uk alsop2p servers are not on the roster so you will not be able to download outpourings also the scurecore assistance alternative is unusable nonetheless proton vpn offers an instinctive and easy to use app toconnect to servers that you demand in a few seconds the next vpn on our roster of thebest free vpns for android is a vpn from malaysia hide.me hide.me is a premium vpn whichmeans you have to pay for it nonetheless there is a free edition which of coursewhen in comparison with the payment edition has numerous limitations to get started hide.me simply offers1 0gb of data per month which is not the best if you cherish streaming and torrenting or justbrowsing social network feeds about this hide.me is not the best for unblocksitti in streaming but on the other hand it allows you to download downpours we mention at least two thingsthat are really impressive about hide.me privacy and security if you use thefree version of hide.me you will get military-grade encryption protection from loss ofip a kill button a separate tunneling and a good selection of protocols in the freeandroid copy you will get openvpn and ik ev2 if “youre using” this vpn on spaces you can get protocols likesoftethervpn to bypass firewalls and even stp in the paid edition hide.me also includeswireguard to be a free vpn hide.me is really excellent in terms of security and privacyand it is important to remember that presents a 0 entering policy so it is not deter anycompromising information on its consumers hasten is not its strong point but this is normal for afree vpn also there is a 24/7 customer support one of the bestassistance we have seen as soon as you ask a question the support team will solveyour problem almost immediately also hide.me has 5 site servers canada holland germanyand two us cities which is a bit better than proton vpn which too didn’t havea aid chat 24/7 the latest of the best free vpns for androidis tunnelbear you probably have already heard about tunnelbear is still good in thevpn sell but for us it is the worst choice in the list because it presents simply 1 gig and 500 megsof monthly data which is very little even if the rate is not bad for a free vpnlike us you could have expected you are able to exclusively get a simultaneous alliance and when it comesto unblocking websites tunnelbear will not be able to satisfy you this vpn will not work withthe netflix catalog and even if it works with a gig and 500 megs you will just be able to seethe first episode of your succession favourite you will wonder why tunnelbear is onour list of the best free vpns for android because first of all it has a beautifuland instinctive app with lots of security the possibilities and an anonymous data tracking policyalso offers armed data encryption a splittunneling a vpn kill switchand too an option called ghostbear which will allow you to b ypass firewalls even if we aretalking about a zero logging plan tunnelbear is located in canada which is one of the 5 powersof the 5 looks relationship countries in the five eyes alignment are responsible formass surveillance that can impact the tracking policy 0 of the vpn because avpn could be forced to store data and establish it governance in case it was necessaryis not a very worrying thing but something to remember if you want to use this vpn tunnelbearhas servers in 26 countries even if the real number of servers is not it is known in all such cases 26 countries arebetter than three or five that we can get with protonvpn and hide.me these were ourthree best free vpn for android and now let’s talk about the bonus vpn we mentionedbefore this vpn is called expressvpn and for us is the best vpn you can get have younoticed that free vpns have many limitations that expressvpn is not have expressvpnoffers unlimited bandwidth with 3,000 servers in 94 countries flawless certificate acompletely anonymous data tracking policy being a paid vpn expressvpn will give youa great experience allowing you to unblock numerous netflix lists download deluges andeven browse the dark web securely without considering the possibility of being able toconnect with 5 simultaneous a link with a single chronicle allowing you to protectall your inventions with a single subscription expressvpn is not only available for androidbut too for openings mac linux and os and even smart television and routers this vpn also offersa 24/7 patronize chat but likewise a preference of etiquettes includingopenvpn and lightway which is the wireguard version of expressvpn expressvpn is the fastest on themarket especially when compared with the other three vpn free expressvpn is not free it istrue p er as we said it offers a full pay within 30 dates so you can get itand use it for 30 daytimes and then ask for a rebate so you will not lose a single euro which willallow you to get it for free for a few months and if you decide to keep it you can take advantageof the give and get a 49 percentage dismis plus three free months for the annual planthat will lower the price of this vpn exponentially this offer is available in the linkin the description or immediately on pianetavpn.it/ exp so let’s make a summary of the bestfree vpn for android very good is undoubtedly proton vpn which offers an inexhaustible bandwidth avery high level of security and a 0 data tracking policy on the other hand it offers onlythree servers it does not have the best speed and I is not even have p2p and a subsidize chat nextis hide.me the Malaysian vpn that furnishes you great questions of safety and ananonymous data tracking policy but too five loan servers which are still better than protonvpn the downside is that you will exclusively get 10 gb of data per month you will have difficulty watchingnetflix to unblock stream scaffolds at the last position we have tunnelbear that areally nice intuitive app 26 rental servers a really not bad speed as well as excellentsecurity for has become a free vpn on the other hand it offers exclusively one gig and 500 megabytes ofmonthly data and is a Canadian app that as I said before is a country that is part of the federation of thefive gazes expressvpn instead offers the best alternatives of these three free vpns and not onlytakes it to a higher level it has a very large number of servers an unlimited bandwidth that is excellentfor streaming and torrenting a 24/7 foundation chat 7 days a week it offersimpeccable security and much more the only cons is that it is not a free vpn but in the endthe price is not so high-pitched or if you choose the annual furnish that will give you utters vpn with4 9 percentage in strife and between the free months we strongly recommend expresso vpn ratherthan the other free vpn but based on the list of pros and cons the choice is yoursfor today that’s all we hope you experienced this video on which are the best free vpn forandroid recollect to like to subscribe to the channel and press the bell tonot miss a video until the next one

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