La forma mas fácil de Como conectar zero VPN

have a good day this time everyone in this new video seminar we will school how to connect the zero bp.n since some members of our group android sidi don’t know requirements to connect the zero bp n would be to have as a tie before or a previous vpn me this time first connect the prince bp n As you can see I am previously connected because the 0 depends what you need is like a starter because if you don’t have a data associate before you won’t be able to connect remain we will not do vpn and we hope that it onus in the register of servers As you can see, we are already in charge as we are from the savior we have to choose the closest server It “wouldve been” the US I previously have it adopted I apply it connect we are going to accept and you are able to exclusively sitting up here They already cooked that it is already connected so those are all the steps application hands preferably the two lotions I will leave them in the video description this is all thanks a special saluting to all the members of the android group installation official group and my list is the equal value and be a manager and this has been it until next time

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