L2TP over IPsec-VPN-Einwahl mit dem Smart VPN Client [German FullHD]

Welcome to this video tutorial now on our YouTube channel. In this bout we will look at how to connect to the Smart VPN Client expend L2TP over IPsec can connect to a DrayTek router. Let’s begin by configuring a VPN profile in our DrayTek router. In our setup we use a Vigor2 862 Vac. This model is an ADSL/ VDSL router with AC WLAN and FXS ports as well as the possibility of using a maximum of 32 simultaneous VPN connections. Before starting the VPN configuration, we first see whether the VPN protocols, that we want to use later are activated. The menu for this can be found under VPN and Remote Access >>> Remote Access Control This applies for L2TP and IPSec and we can start setting up the VPN connection. In our illustration it is a matter of a VPN dial-in of a single patron. Because of this, we go to the VPN and Remote Access >>> Remote Dial-in User menu We now have 32 sketches available, 32 of which we are able to actively use at the same time. Let’s click on the first index. We start with the configuration by spark this chart. The idle time indicates after how many seconds of dullnes the VPN connection is terminated. If you demand the passageway to stop permanently, you are eligible to prepared the value to 0. It continues to the VPN dial-in types. At the beginning of this video “weve had” determined that we would like to use L2TP over IPsec. So let’s check off all the other etiquettes. Below we can specify from which local subnet the external consumer should be assigned an IP address. Alternatively, a static IP can also be placed now. We come to authentication. Enter a username and password now. No further information is required in this menu. Finally, the pre-shared key for IPsec must be specified. We do this under VPN and Remote Access >>> IPsec General Setup With these steps, our external user’s VPN configuration is complete. Before we continue with the VPN setup in the Smart VPN Client, write down the following information: The world WAN IP address or DDNS name The username and password from our VPN profile The IPsec pre-shared key With this data we are currently look at how we can get the Smart VPN Client that it are connected to our DrayTek router. To do this, click here on “Profile” and then on “Add” below. Now we give the profile a name, select L2TP over IPsec for kind penetrate our public WAN IP address or the DDNS name for IP or host reputation and finally named the username and password that we have chosen in our VPN profile. Now click on Advanced Settings and choice authentication procedure MS-CHAP v2 and position our previously adopted pre-shared key below. Confirm your introductions with OK. You will now watch the connection overview again with our sketch that you precisely created and now press Connect. Confirm the question about adapting our firewall with OK. Now the Smart VPN Client has decreased and we get the message that our VPN tunnel was constructed. With this L2TP over IPsec VPN connection you are able to run as if you were in the internal system of your DrayTek router. These were all the steps required to successfully and securely establish a VPN connection to a DrayTek router using Smart VPN. You can send us questions on this topic or suggestions on other topics in the comment area leave. Thank you very much for your attention and I say told you next time ..

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