Kingdom Under Fire 2 VPN with and with out!

alright i’m here to show you guys you know i’m not i’m not connected right now at the moment with VPN so i’m just going to try to connect without consuming my VPN and look what happens stack knows i review other server is this connect outer surface area this time please wait for the next opportunity all right then then let’s use let’s connect I already have everything set up now getting to the republic of singapore virtue of malaysia place 1 this is basically set and what metropoli was a cold can’t remember what the name of the city is but it’s right where I needs to be and then I’ll wait about a little over 30 seconds and it should connect me to a brand-new address tick-tock tick-tock tick-tock tick-tock there we go got my brand-new IP address now let’s try that again and impress the public just like that a simple easy I am back inside again I just starting miss for Bucky 1800 gmt+ 8 time exertions very smoothly here’s the one server that’s open make sure this won’t gonna be one maybe two first here’s my attributes again much to do a say is the locations organisation configuration we play with this the video gives now call the non-standard of the next aisle inspecting max decide idea graphic caliber witnes them dollar them I say not that bad the darks move around like kind of annoying but it still still looks nice still looks nice very nice I review with low-toned graphical locations surface should be able to play it not too badly over the VPN it is hopefully but this is my horse to me

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