hi everyone and therefore welcomed my channel for those of you that use a vpn i have had a few questions recently over concerns on not being able to tell if your vpn is still connected and ranging on your fuel affix so this video will show you a handy tool that you can install that doesn’t intrude on your viewing experience but will constantly show you whether or not your vpn is connected for that safety and assurance that you’re looking for so when you’re ready give your remote control and let’s have a look[ Music] if you’re left wondering or skeptical whether your vpn is still connected and racing and your vpn does not have a kill switch or does not let you use a kill substitution if you’re running a free vpn then vpn safe scatter is the answer that you’ve been looking for on their website it says that vpn safety dot is the best vpn connection indicator tool for your flaming tv fire affix or android tv vpn security fleck is an app that shows you if your vpn associate is active or not it gives you a visual show in the top right corner of your screen that blinks dark-green if your vpn is connected or blinks red if your vpn attachment is not active this allows users to immediately see if your congestion is through your vpn provider or if you are connected with your real ip address vpn safe speck is exactly what it says an indicator of whether or not your vpn is active or not it does not provide you with a vpn or a vpn connection it is just an indicator that observes your vpn bond every few seconds and shows the status of your relationship on screen it’s super easy to install on your fuel tv machine if you haven’t already done so you will need to make sure that the establish apps from uncharted sources is turned on to do that from your residence screen tap across to settings then tap across to my barrage tv then tap down and select make options and click on apps from unknown to turn this on next it is necessary to an app announced downloader which we can get instantly from the amazon app store back on your residence screen tap over and select the search icon and start typing in the word downloader you will see it come up in the index below so tap over it and click to select if you haven’t already got this app set “youve been” inspired to do so then when you have it installed click to open it up with downloader open tap up so your cursor is placed in the box where we can enter a url or probe term click in this box and type in[ Music] this takes you to their website where you can download the app for your fervor tv manoeuvre when the web page loads you will be able to move a circle cursor over the light-green button that says burn tv download and click to select it wait for the install box to pop up then tap down and click on install when vpn safety fleck has finished installing click on done and then we can delete the installation file by clicking on delete and delete again this installation file is no longer needed and will just take up wasteful infinite now press and hamper the residence button on your remote control for various seconds and choice apps then scroll to the bottom of your register of apps to find and open the vpn safety dot app which is the one with the lettuce scatter on it when you open the app you will see this prompt on screen that tells you that the app regularly checks and validates your internet privacy and showings the status of its evaluation through a discernible indicator sound start and this turns the vpn safety dot on at the moment i do not have my vpn turned on so you can see the dot flashing red in the top angle of my screen now when i open my vpn and connect it to a server you can see that the dot is now flashing green in the top corner of my screen to indicate that my vpn is connected and restraining my data safe when i’m online this dot will ever remaining in the top reces of your screen no matter whether you’re on your dwelling screen opening an app or watching videos on youtube for example you will always see it there in the area as a constant statement that your vpn is still running now there are some other useful boasts that the vpn safety scatter app furnishes if you click on the three dots in the upper right corner of the screen you can select the privacy check option and this will show you where your vpn is connected to and your vpn ip address there are also some enormous alternatives within the locateds such as the option to automatically start vpn security scatter each time you boot up your manoeuvre you are eligible to even slow down the rate at which the dot blinks on screen up to a maximum of 20 seconds and you can adjust the transparency of the safety scatter from five to a hundred percent and if you want to you can even convert the dot to a thumbs up instead and change the indicator to a moving dot instead of a twinkle dot so there are all sorts of things that you can do to fully customize abusing this vpn security speck if at any point you don’t need or want the vpn security dot turned on if you’re watching prime or netflix for example or an app that you don’t need to have your vpn ranging for you can close the vpn safety dot app and open it back up again when you need it from your residence screen tap across to settings then tap across and pick lotions sounds down and select manage positioned employments and find the vpn refuge dot app from the list click to select it and then chose thrust close and the safety scatter will no longer be showing in the area of your screen if you have any questions or need any funding utilizing the vpn security app with the app open you can click on the corroborate button which will then demonstrate you some ways in which you can get substantiate i hope that you ascertained this video handy fell me specific comments down below to let me know if you’ll be using it as always thank you for watching if you experienced this video don’t forget to give it a like and subscribe to my canal made to ensure that you 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