Is this the BEST SUSHI in Bali? | Tugu Hotel Ji Restaurant | Living in Bali 2021 | #Vlog 125

hey guys if you haven’t seen our previous video we are staying at the incredible tugu inns here in chengdu bali and today we are experiencing the concoction class for the first time as well as dining at their incredible diner so bide aria hope you guys loved it[ Music][ Laughter][ Music] what’s the cocktail announced[ Music] savory and spicy and strong and everything at once i’m freshening lemony gin spice you like it yeah i love it clear it doesn’t ordinarily like gin so this is a good achievement is that bombay gin very nice i think it’s my turn to originate now yes you wanna do it yes let’s go cucumber one[ Applause][ Music] oh pepper some pepper oh it’s all going into the wind okay thank you so much all right so we finished we just made three concoctions i just made my friend tim one there we go oh i think hopefully you like it yes appreciation it made us know oh well cheers first yeah yeah encourages applauses important merriments to youtube inferno yeah good i don’t even like what’s in now and it’s so good wow is this a gin located cocktail lemon yeah i’m a whiskey guy yeah but this savor really good you would have seen tim in the korean bbq video you would have seen a glimpse of him but go and subscribe to his direct it’s tim co photo yeah no i’m i’m in here i’m in this sip[ Laughter] that was a fun cocktail class now it’s time to enjoy the sundown there’s incredible panoramas here g-restaurants of the ocean extraordinary music and then we’ll be having an incredible dinner here soon so keep aria it will be from the same restaurant that we chew at long last light which is the g japanese diner so i’m so excited apparently we’re going to get some more sushi and i’m always skiing for more sushi go on you cool cat i will don’t mind him mirths merriments to you all[ Music] um[ Music][ Applause][ Music] me[ Music][ Applause][ Music] i don’t think we could have ended this day in a better course this is unbelievable we are experiencing the most beautiful sunset we’ve had in two months here in bali and we’ve got the most exquisite selection of food i’m so excited let’s dig in[ Music] timothy behind the camera it’s time you’re rolling now we’re rolled now yeah let’s do it we got the dragon of chi again can’t complain about that same thing we had last night absolutely amazing and then the second dish that they have is tic-tac-toe which is like assaulted in ghiri which is amazing and then some more gyoza this is the sesame grain and tofu pate salad and then and i guess it’s some prawn puree form thing i’m not a big sushi eater so red center will definitely dig into all the sushi but these girls are my absolute favorite oh it’s so appetizing now the noodle salad hmm so good like we said earlier all the food we’ve had yeah has just been absolutely amazing can’t recommend this eatery fairly how do you describe a mushroom flavored egg puree here i am thinking with corn on the top so good actually so luscious and so soft it simply softens in your cheek it’s incredible now red will go for the tic-tac-toe okay this is going to be interesting because i’ve never had never had in geary before in my life to be honest wait wait hold on hold on what no no no no no no haven’t you what how did you make it to halfway to 70 chaps without having um nagiri in their own lives like i’ve had a whole lot of california flattens a whole lot of mode sandwiches a whole lot of this dragon of chi but never any okay okay okay all right well we’ll cause him “re trying” with his virgin lip and then we’ll we’re on a task we’ll let him “re trying” then i’m gonna just go back to this is all right let’s get back to normal programming yeah then gary are salted transcends so including a beef transcending actually so there’s here i am thinking salmon tuna prawn various fish now and yeah simply numerous fish and uh yeah so which one should i try can you leave the beef one for me or the chicken i think this one’s beef right that’s inagi that’s eel that is definitely eel actually okay okay okay i’m gonna go with the prawn one first because that’s the safe choice that’s it alright here we go oh heavens what a nib what a noob so fresh so tender just amazing truly affection it sushi is very good now guys like i haven’t had better sushi in bali or anywhere actually including south africa all over i haven’t been to japan yet but this is just amazing i’ve never had beef sushi before had loads of chicken sushi but never beef good is it tender[ Music] that is incredible wow this come egg on it yeah it’s like an egg custard i think with what looks like don’t time interrupt it pull my drapes up over there if you can i think i’ve never had sushi with a little poached egg on and it’s like the most cute little poached egg i’ve ever seen it is really cute maybe probably a quail don’t disruption it it’s gonna break oh it’s breaking it in your cavity the yolk is like not yellow it’s like whitey okay let’s do this[ Music] whoa super interesting flavors savory savory i you know i’m not the best at describing meat but that’s just amazing all right i’m not a big sushi eater and timothy now says that one of these patches of sushi is ill and i’m going to try it for you guys and let you know what it experiences like[ Music] and that time smacks like normal tuna sushi tuna sushi maybe that’s really good actually[ Music] about these noodles i don’t think i’ve ever had such yummy tofu in my part lifetime it tastes really sweet so good[ Music] so tim’s got me some unagi because there was just one fragment earlier on the tic-tac-toe and claire ate it so i’m gonna give it a try i’ve also never had it before rather than like call madam we’re going to make this a teaching moment you know okay so i’m getting schooled tim was necessary to feed me but i diminished don’t worry are we safe i’m heartbrokens there “theres going”[ Music] it is very sweet it is the matzo back of sushi the good stuff thank you to finish off the nighttime we’re super lucky to get a another round of dessert we’ve got the matcha cheesecake and another chocolate ball with the matcha ice cream in the middle i just adoration how it melts and breaches apart it’s amazing once again the plating is incredible it’s digging please look at these mini meringues oh how charming can you see them[ Music] really really excited to try this cheesecake i wanted to order it last darknes really good the dame was telling us it’s not too sweet most of the desserts on the menu aren’t like very very sweet except for this ice cream ball so it’s like a mild sweetness very nice actually various kinds of savours health we had an incredible dinner last light some of the highlights were the incredible deems over the oceans and seas and the best concoctions and such a lovely cocktail skill we are therefore highly recommend you come and check out g eateries you don’t have to be staying at the hotel here you can just come along and visit the restaurant a lot of people in bali actually know about it yeah we were very surprised by how full it got actually so it’s a very popular spot principally because i guess the nutrient is so good and the ethic is actually really good it’s not too expensive and that opinion is just unbelievable they do have another section to the restaurant that most people don’t know about and that is an incredible chinese temple that you can sit under and eat at so if you want to check that out check out our previous video where we’re staying in the tugu hotels this is actually it we most recommend checking that video out and you’ll learn more about the hotel as well as the restaurants and what they have to offer so that’s going to wrap up this video guys if you guys experienced this video being given it a thumbs up and we’ll see you in the next one bye-bye[ Music] you

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