Is Incognito mode safe? | Truth revealed about Internet safety

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Is incognito really private at all? Well, as Incognito mode in chrome says. “Going incognito doesn’t hide your browsing from your employer, your internet service provider, or the websites you visit.”
This means that you only keep things private from other users on your computer, but your internet service provider can still keep track of every page you visit, and the websites you visit can still see your IP address.

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How safe is incognito mode?

Since all browsers pretty much work the same, let’s say you open incognito mode in chrome. Maybe you want to buy a birthday or Christmas present, a wedding ring maybe. What will happen now is that the browser, so chrome, won’t save cookies, website tracking data, or any form info, so like names or ring sizes. All this info will be erased forever as soon as you close the browser. What won’t happen, is it won’t hide what websites you visit from your internet service provider or your employer.

What should you then do if privacy is your bag?

A VPN is always a good way forward. You’ll never need to ask questions like “is incognito mode safe” again, because VPNs offer real privacy and security. Opening incognito mode in chrome with a VPN makes it impossible for any websites you visit, your internet provider, your employer, and hackers, to track what you do. VPNs work by disguising your IP and encrypting your data using various connection protocols. Together, these hide your information from everyone online. People will have a tough job finding what country you’re in, let alone any personal information. Even most reputable VPNs have no-logging policies, meaning they don’t even save your data.

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