Is FREE VPN safe to use in 2022? Main reasons that’s not the case!
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I’m often asked “is free VPN safe to use?” Well, is it safe to hug a bear? Once in a blue moon, right? Pretty much the same deal with free VPNs. Hey! In this video I’ll explain why some free VPNs are unsafe and what are the limiting factors of these VPNs.

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First point: sustaining a VPN needs a lot of money, that’s why totally free VPNs often have lower standards of security than premium VPN services. In order to come close to the minimal requirements for a cybersecurity app, free VPNs have to resort to extreme measures.

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0:21 Can you trust a free VPN?
1:02 Can a free VPN contain malware?
1:38 Are free VPNs secure enough?
2:29 Why do bad VPNs have good reviews?
3:12 What are the limitations of free VPNs?
3:42 Can a free VPN unlock streaming?
4:05 Should you look for a premium VPN alternative?

For instance, they could collect and sell your data. This may sound far-fetched, but in reality numerous free services do it, some – without even hiding it, Tuxler being a good example. Users choose VPNs to secure their privacy and obtain anonymity online – services that sell their data are the direct opposite of that sentiment, don’t you think?

Well, at least free VPNs are not malware, though they can contain some. Independent studies have detected spyware and adware in multiple free VPN services, such as OK VPN and the truly infamous HolaVPN.

Ok, but what if a free VPN doesn’t collect data and has no malware, is it safe to use a free VPN like that? No, not really. Creating a secure privacy app is a time and money-consuming task. Without proper funding, VPN apps end up full of vulnerabilities, and since free VPN providers can only afford limited third-party servers, it creates a weakness by itself.

Before I jump into some other limitations of the free VPNs, you have to know why some truly bad free VPNs, like the ones I’ve mentioned, often don’t have bad reviews. It’s not a clever ploy or a cover up story, a lot of users just don’t expect much from a free service. Most users don’t even ask: “are free VPNs safe?”, they are more concerned if it can access Netflix or does it even work properly. And if it does, there goes a good review. Besides, it’s hard to figure out “is free VPN safe to use”, without being acquainted with software. As a result, legitimate critical reviews are a scarce minority, creating a facade of a perfect free VPN, which is actually just a honeytrap for those who don’t know better.

But even if you avoid the trap and land yourself a good free VPN, it will still have its limitations. Most free VPNs have to limit the bandwidth their users can use. It’s normal to see a 2 to 6 GB limit per month in most free VPNs. Rare exceptions like ProtonVPN don’t have a monthly limit at all. But there’s always a limit to how many servers you can access. Most free VPNs provide access to about 3 different countries, with Windscribe notably throwing out 11. Low server count means overcrowding and low speeds. But perhaps the biggest limitation is within the inability to access geo-blocked content. After the recent Netflix crackdown especially, the answer to “Does free VPN work with Netflix” is a resounding “NO”. Even Windscribe that worked just fine with US and Turkey libraries just recently, no longer makes the cut. At least for me.

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