Interconexion de dos redes privadas por medio de una VPN usando L2TP

hello everyone welcome to the abc expert channel in a brand-new video tutorial on this time we are going to interconnect two private systems through a vpn squandering n2 tp we will handle a scenario in which a company has two bureaux In Ecuador, its main office is in Guayaquil and its discipline is in the city of I remove both offices have their respective internet relationship and the requirement is to connect locally the Quito branch with that of Guayaquil to be able to share your resources and access your computers as the cameras to the servers in this case we will access a camera in Guayaquil from Quito locally For this practice we have several routers connected simulating our network of Internet first we are going to configure the liter dos tp server in our main office whose basic configuration consists of enabling the l2 to preserve and create a round where the username and password to be used in the connection is configured between two tp the regional address and remote address of the link is also added which must be different from the subnets that are managed in each office the regional address corresponds to liter times tp server and the remote address to l dos tv client now we will perform the basic configuration of the l2 pp client in the discipline which consists of creating a brand-new boundary on the 2nd clarion top and expressing the ip of the server l two tp with which we are going to connect in such cases it will be the public ip of the main office router and we made the username and password that we had previously configured in the l2 tp server cycle once the connection is established, the top 2 between the main office and the diverge we will create a route on each superhighway indicating how to get to the network regional remote position the gateway to reach the local network of the main office will be the ip which was planned on the l2 interface total close and finally we return to the router the main office and lent the itinerary to the local network of the branch whose gateway will be the ip that was assigned on the boundary l does tp strand To verify that the link is established we act a test of connectivity from the computer located in the local network of the limb to the main office local area network ip camera and we are able to even access the ip camera through the web browser and check the third fork We finish this video tutorial like this, we hope grown up in its consideration of the abc express page until next time

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