HPRC Primers: Introduction to HPRC, Duo, VPN and Clusters

okay let’s go ahead and get started umthank you for assembling us and welcome to Texas A& M University the online REUprogram so today I’m going to be presenting an introduction to HPRC, Duo, VPN and our clusters okay this is the the first in a series of primers to helpyou get started uh my mention is Lisa Perez and I’m the Associate Directorfor Advanced Computing enablement now at high-performance research compute and this primer is just to give you an overview of the resources that wehave and some of the things that you’ll have to get set up before you can getaccess to our resources okay so before we getstarted on the topics for today I want to point out that the upcoming HPRCprimers I’m and these primers will go more in depth on how to access andutilize these resources for your your summertime experiment okay so we have comingup tomorrow running Jupyter notebook on HPRC open ondemand I’m for those working that don’t have a background in Linux or even if you dowill have something specific for an introduction to Linux apply MobaXterm to access our organisations we also have an introduction to Linux applying the HPRCportal working the Ada cluster we have multiple collections one of them is calledAda I’m job submission on the Ada clusterusing the Terra cluster something called the slurm job scheduler on theTerra cluster and administering data on the gather and so I strongly inspire youto sign up for these primers you can see the link there it will give moreinformation about these and then you’ll get the the links to access theseprimers when they go live and while we have this presentation starting if youhave any questions feel free to add them to the zoom group chat you are able to seethe the schmooze at the lower end of your your zoom window you can also if you want meto go faster or go slower if you turn on the participants you can see thatthere’s alternatives there where you can click if I ask questions yes/ no and gofaster and go slower and some other options in there okay so who well if you miss moreinformation about high-performance research computing this would be thepage that you’d want to go to hprc.tamu.edu and the first place thatyou probably want to get started is on the Quick Links which I have highlightedhere on the left ok so what do we have at high-performance research computingwe have very big computers so one of our computers Terra has over 8,000 core andwe also have a number of GPUs so there’s a lot of details in here but this is oneof the systems that that you may be using and I will give you giving you abrief introduction to a little bit later and this is our fearless leader thedirector of high performance research compute Honggao Liuone of our other big-hearted organizations that we have Ada has over 17,000 core orprocessing power very big system is shown here with piles and lots ofinterconnect I “weve had” GPUs on the system including some some v100 GPUs thethird system that you will have at your disposal is called Curie um Curie is avery special system primarily focusing on genomics but since you will probably beseeing it I want to get creating it up you probably will not be utilizing this foryour research this summer but it is one of the systems that we haveavailable so if you want to have a look at whattype of research or a sample of the types of research that’s performed onour organisations you can follow this tie now “were having” posters and slides and somevideos that we presented at supercomputing in 2019 that showcasessome of the research that’s acted on our systems so you might want to takesome time visit this tie-in and and experience the types of research that weutilize or that implement our arrangements okay so we have these very big systemsthat you’ll be using but there’s a number of things that you will have tohave in place before you can get access to not only our structures for your yoursummer investigate but for the vast majority of the services that areprovided at Texas A& M University so the number one thing that you will need is anet ID okay I’m so let’s go ahead and take a vote and see how many people havetheir net ID in place so if you go into the participants window you can click onthe yes or the no so we can get an idea of how many people have a net sentiment andhow many people are still working on that excellent so almost half of you haveyour net ID in place if you do not already have your net ID in place then we should ask if you have a UIN if you have your UIN in place then you cango to howdy.tamu.edu and registry for yournet ID if you do not have your UIN yet you need to talk with your advisoryour principal your advisor or the program to get you set up with thepaperwork required until you have your net ID you will not be able to accessthe HPRC aids ok so if you visit howdy it will have you log in and getstarted and give you teaches on how to do that now howdy is universityprovided okay it’s not an HPRC resource so if you need help gettingyour net ID you would want to get support from what we like to refer to asTAMU IT ok the help desk and this tie right here is the link that youwould follow to get help with going your net ID set up if you already hadyour UIN if you ran into difficulties okay but first talk to your advisor so onceyou have your cyberspace ID in place the other obstacle that you’ll have to get over I’mis getting past the firewall so high-performance research computing ourcomputers are behind the Texas A& M firewall and I’m either you are offcampus in township most likely or off campus in its own country somewhere I’m you willhave to have VPN feed before you can get on the system’s okay so the VirtualPrivate Network the university does have a web page set up for this connect.tamu.edu okay which tries to walk you through downloading the software andinstallation of the software that you need okay for Windows structures this isusually pretty straightforward once you have your net IDthat’s all setup you precisely login to the webpage it detects your structures itdownloads and sets the software for you for Mac it tends to be a littlebit more I’m questionable to get the software installed let’s go ahead and go to so here’s the page that goes through it okay sonormally you would log in with your net ID and password and then it would walkyou through downloading and installing the Cisco VPN client if you have aMac there’s a good chance it’s going to give you some problems extremely if youhave the newest operating system so they do have instructions here that haveadditional information on how to get these things set up okay so if you runinto difficulties getting a VPN setup you should come to this page and you canalso get help from TAMU IT via that web address that I provided on thepresentation sorry ok so once you have your net IDand you have virtual private system set up okay you still won’t be able to getaccess to the systems until you have duo so if you try to use connect.tamu.edu to log in it will reject you until you have duo authentication setup so duo isanother level of security okay to prevent people from doing accessingresources they shouldn’t have access to or stealing your credentials and gettingaccess to resources they shouldn’t have access tookay so it’s it’s here for security to get set up with duo again this is aTAMU IT platform so you need to go to to the TAMUweb address it.tamu.edu/ duo to get registered for duo I’m you can also do this throughhowdy which is the same portal that you set up your net ID so you have to gothrough a couple of steps to get set up with duo it gives you instructionson the page and if you need help you can always go to their help page and thehelp desk central and they will provide you with the funding that you need toget set up so for duo authentication it has to senda second request to your phone or a phone you can do it through the app oryou can do a phone call or you can get something called a Yubikey okay mostpeople will do the phone call or set up an app on their phone so it’ll pushnotifications to them so you will need to have your net ID you have to have VPNrunning you have to have duo set up okay to be able to getaccess to the resources so my suggestion to everyone is that you get started ASAPon going all of those things set up so that you will be ready to roll for theupcoming primers so you can do the hands-on activity for the upcomingprimers okay so let’s get back to let’s say you’re all set up now you have yournet ID you have VPN spill you have duo setup you still won’t be able to accessthe systems until you apply for an account so you can apply for an accountby going to our locate web page and clicking on the apply for account linkand how do you learn to get through the process you go to our YouTube channelokay so we have YouTube training videos which include applying for anaccount on the system so sort of strolls you through applying for the detail I’mthere’s also an preparatory video as to what HPRC is on so you can go and watchthat subsequentlies four minutes long very nice and immediate outline of what we arewhat we do and then it includes a number of other videos that talk about theresources that you can go back to and and look at just after you gothrough the primers okay so to apply for an account if you once you haveeverything set up just come here watch this video it’ll walk you through it andthen you can go to our web page and apply for an account one of thethings that you will need to apply for an account is your advisors net ID okayso if you don’t know your consultants net ID you will need to ask them for thatyour advisor needs to PI eligible so they need to be at Texas A& M Universityif your direct advisor is not then I am told that you should be able to use Dr.Demcowicz net ID for your PI on the accounting so you’llwant to query as to whether or not you will use him as your PI or yourother advisor as your PI so when you apply for an account on oursystems you’ll be applying for a basic chronicle and with a basic detail youwill come something called service units okay so you get 5,000 service units thatyou will use when you’re running on information systems so what are these things calledservice units so here’s an example of what service units are whenever you runa simulation calculation whenever you’re utilizing um the CPUs and recollection andresources in the queuing organization it’s going to go against your service unitsokay or if you login to the portal it’s going to go against your service unitsso this table just sort of croaks over how the service units are calculated so ifyou ask for one core two gigabytes of reminiscence and you run for one hour it’sgoing to charge you one service component okay so this is just internal accountingit’s not it you’re not being blamed any actual real fund it’s for internalaccounting and let’s say that you want to use 28 cores if you want to use2 8 cores with two gigabytes reminiscence and your total quantity is fifty six gigs forone hour you’re going to get charged twenty eight service units okay so thisis important when you’ll learn more about this in the primer on Terra andAda and how to utilize the system so it’simportant to understand that you have a certain amount of service units that areallocated to you and to go past that then we just need to get you some moreservice units so if you run out of service units then there’sadditional protocol that we go through to got to get added service units everybody gets a fair share of thesystem okay so this is a a general overview of how to access the clustersand what it’s sort of made up of okay so like I said most of you are not here fewof you might be but most of you are not here almost every of you are here you’reoff campus so if you’re off campus you’re on the general internet and youhave to get through VPN to get to the campus network okay so somebody askedI’m what is a core a core you can think of it like a CPU okay so if you have adesktop computer that has a single CPU in it it might have eight cores init and a lot of beings will say it has eight CPUs so you can think of a corelike a CPU okay so most of you are off campus and on the general internet andto are going to the campus system you have to use VPN so this is where that connect.tamu.edu is okay and the duo authentication okay that comes you on tothe campus network and then from the campus structure you can actually get onto the systems as long as your net ID is active and all that good material okayso here you are on the login node but then you have more things to do toactually utilize the system and you should be getting more training on thisvia both the primers and from your advisor okay so typically you’ll log intothe login node generate something called a job write you’ll submit this jobscript to the queuing system and the queuing organization will mail it to thecomputer to run the estimations okay do the heavy function wreak and then you’ll getoutput back again okay so this is the the general setup of assembles okayincluding ours so what makes a super computer super soI generally like to discuss this with brand-new customers of high performance computingokay high performance research computing let’s say that you’ve just purchase yourbrand new desktop computer for gaming you got the best AMD processor that youcould get you got a really good GPU for gaming okay and then you decide oh Icould use this for figurings so you run a forecast on it maybe use yourGPU or you just use your CPU and your figuring operates within say 30 minutesand it finishes now you come to our organization and you run the same calculationusing the same number of core and the same number of memory the same number ofCPUs and the same number of memory and let’s said today takes 45 minutes to finishit might actually be a little bit slower okay and that’s because a supercomputeris not super because it has the most wonderful newest CPUs in it it’s super because ofthe number of CPUs that it has and the interconnectivity between the CPUs okayso quantity and lots of compute nodes with very fast interconnect between thosecompute tones and lots of shared storage that’s what makes a supercomputer superrunning highly parallel and the ability to run thousands of jobs at the sametime okay so let’s say that you’ve got your desktop and you can do yourcalculation in a half an hour what happens if you have to do a hundredcalculations 200 forecasts or you scale up and now your estimate takesa week do you want to run them back-to-back on your single desktopcomputer okay and you won’t be able to do anything else on your desktopcomputer okay so that’s where the supercomputers are now in scaling up toreally large jobs and operating thousands and thousandsof jobs all at the same time and high-pitched storage jobs and even more high-end GPUsokay okay so it does make it a little bit more complicated though when youhave a setup like this so it’s not quite as user-friendly as working on yoursystem you have to get used to logging in and using the job scheduler okay soyou’re gonna learn a lot more about the job scheduler and the other primers butthe main thing about the scheduler is it exactly puts everybody in line and then itsends and administers who gets to run on which resources and that’s all thescheduler does it time schedules the number of jobs so we have a lot of documentationavailable so as you become more familiar with the systems through the primersand through prepare by your advisor and assist you may want to startlooking at more in-depth information on the different topics and more in-depthinformation on the topics can be found on our wiki page so if you go to hprc.tamu.edu/ wiki you can go ahead and type in the search field and look upadditional more detailed information on different topics okay and you can browsethe different topics you can browse the software register that we have available in all of the other documentation Ada user guide Terra user guide on ourwiki so so one of the second thing that wehave is a lot of software already pre-installed okay so if you’reinterested in in knowing what application is available or to see if software thatyou believe that you will be utilizing for your your research this summer isavailable you can go to this webpage and search for your software of interestokay if your software is not listed you can also send an email to us askingif if I we can get it set or if it’s available in some other way on thesystem and we can provide you subsidize in getting your software set up and running okay so one of the things that you willalso have at your disposal to get patronize is the slack channel so Ibelieve that we’ve been working to do everybody included into the slack Channel for those that are not familiar with slack is just collaboration softwareit’s a nice way or a quick behavior of communicating I’m between a group ofpeople so we have a number of thingscalled channels in now when you’re included in you can get access to all ofthe regular canals some of the directs are locked which means that youhave to be brought in by invite so most of you if not all of you havealready been added to the the REU channel let’s go ahead and get a count of howmany people are in the channel and how many people have not gotten into thechannel yet okay so we have a good number of peoplethat are in the channel for those of you that are not in the canal I will goahead and affix well let’s see I’m not sure for yeah we can definitely upright thelink to the the sweeter Channel in the the chitchat menu I’m and we’ll alsohave probably the advisors reach out and try to re-invite because everybodyshould have received an invite to the REU channel okay so the other thingthat is available it’s good most of you are in if you want to learn moreabout some of the advanced aspects that are available in this collaborationsuite they have a training page on slack.com that you can peruse all thedifferent facets so one of the things I’m just going to show you real quick soone of the features is I’m committing here and I’ve got the the HPRC youtubechannel available so I’m going to go ahead and affix it now okay and one ofthe things that I can do is pin this to the channel now if you want to see thepins you can just come up now to the infoand there’s one pinned piece okay and that highway it’ll be readily accessibleand you can see the the link to the YouTube channel and you can add reactionsee we have a reaction now okay you can say thank you I’m so happy I now haveaccess to the YouTube channel you can also notify everybody in the channelwith at path I’m gonna go ahead and introduced some up arrows to say hey look atwhat I really affixed okay if you don’t want to spam everybody you can send itto just a single person by putting it at and then their appoint I’m gonna go aheadand articulated Dhruv in there so you can also private meaning beings so if you’reinterested in precisely sending a direct sense to one of the other people inthe canal you can come in now and click plus and then you can start typingin okay and you can find that person and it’ll pop up another menu and do adirect word with precisely them I do like you know we’re all aware of privacyrules when you do direct letter mortal the heads of slackchannel can see those direct meanings okay otherwise it’s just between you andthe person that you lead sense okay so it’s a good way to communicate in thegroup and also if you want to post some other hpc stuffyou go to the the hpc trash direct you can pose questions in there andthere’s also interesting if you find something interesting you are eligible to postthings about high-performance computing in that channel okay so we planned a substantialamount of hour for this introductory presentation about HPRC and what youneed to access our organisations um so individual asked if if they’re not in thechannels if it’s invite merely yes it is can somebody post the the invite to thegroup chat the invite to the the sweeter slack and then thank you oh so they’rein the sweeter um they’re already in the the general slack but they need to bebrought in so if somebody could delight drawing him into the oh and hpcstuff that’s an open channel you should be able to go immediately in there it’s notby invite the hpc trash is not not by invite so it doesn’t have a littlelock next to it if it doesn’t have a little fasten next to it you should beable to just go in there and start typing stuff in ah thank you very goodvery good so I’m if you click the plus direct then youcan browse the channels and identify what else is available and then it will showup in here as long as you I have as long as it’s an open path okay so we so this is where where I wassaying we left a gala flake of hour for this primer course so that we couldhelp people get I’m set up with the various aspects and ask questions andanswer questions via the chit-chat or maybe some breakout conferences so ifsomebody could delight add we have a post that needs to be added to the REUchannel okay so real quick I time want to point out I’m where you can get helpvia web pages or email if you need help with our plans formerly you get going of course our webpage is a good place to go to with the documentation but we also have help via email help @hprc. tamu.edu if you’rehaving troubles getting your net ID set up with the password VPN whichis the connect.tamu.edu enabling duo authentication all of that isthrough TAMU IT so you would probably want to go to it.tamu.edu/ help and their email for funding is helpdesk @tamu. eduand if you go to that web page there’s other ways of contacting them includingthe phone number and also I study live facilitate via chat so i just got aquestion if you could explain the difference between Ada and TerraI can so there are different size systems and there are different agesystems okay so this gives you a detail ofwhat’s available on they sorry Ada system okay so those first couple slidesthat I evidenced I’m it shows they the Ada and the number of compute nodes andTerra in the number of compute nodes eight is bigger but it’s an older systemTerra is newer but has fewer compute nodes so real quick let me show you justa general of one of the ways that you can access the system once you’re set upso if you’re on a Mac and you’re familiar with Linux you can run acommand line so I’ve just pulled up the terminal and I’m typing in SSH mouse @terra. tamu.edu I am Mouse that’s my cyberspace ID okay now I’m typing inmy password and it doesn’t show anything because that’s secure there’s just alittle key there and now it’s gonna say a duo two-factor login for Mouse okay sofor me to do this I’m going to type one and it’s gonna push a duo authenticationto my phone and I have to approve that authentication and now I’m logged inokay and there’s a cluster of computations that are running on the system slews andlots of estimations that are running on the system today Ada is down formaintenance so I’m just hitting the spacebar and it’s testifying all the jobsthat are running or queued you’ll too be learning how to accessthe system through the portal here we go so if you go tohprc.tamu.edu/ riches there is a direct comparing page i’m so if you want to see a directcomparison of the number of core and the resources that are available okay if youalready have the cisco anyconnect purchaser you time need to make sure that it’sset up accurately for our server and somebody asked if we need a Mac to runlinux no absolutely not i’m so you can connect to our systemsusing Windows Mac or Linux there’s a number of ways of do it and you willbe learning that in the upcoming primers but we also have most of the informationon the wiki okay so on Windows parties generally use something announced MobaXtermso they can log in but it is possible likewise that you don’t even was also necessary log oryou don’t need to install anything you can use the entrance which you accessthrough a web browser so there’s lots of different options is dependent upon whatyou’re doing and your background generally determines the best choicefor you okay and like I said you’ll be you’ll be learning more of that in theupcoming primers and putty is sufficient as long as you don’t need anykind of graphics so if you need to bring up something graphical putty by itselfwill not let you do that I’m but putty will definitely give us SSHin if you come into the the wiki and youjust type in Windows we have a page on how to access applying MobaXtermWindows computer how to transfer files back and forth sohow many people have successfully set up duo that is correct you have to haveyour net ID to set up duo step one is you you have to get a net ID can’t doanything else until you have that net ID so how many people have not how manypeople have not registered for any of the HPRC primers okay so if you have notregistered for any of them I strongly have shown that you open your browser go tohprc.tamu.edu/ training okay and if you click down here to end details you canclick on remote attendee registration you will have to log in with a Googleaccount any Google Account will do okay you can use your if you have your net IDyou can use your TAMU Google account if it’s initiated I’m to get your therest of your your net ID setup such as the Gmail suite things like that you’lldo that likewise through howdy.tamu.edu mortal asked ifan email proof when you cross-file normally the answer is yes Keith can youconfirm will they be getting an email confirmation when they register we dohave one that suggest that they did okay so you can select the upcoming primers whichwill save you a ton of time okay the primers are very helpfuland I therefore recommended that if you do not have a background in Linux I would signup for both Linux primers they will be crossing Linux from two differentdirections one is more of a you are familiar with through MobaXterm and the other oneis through the portal but Linux is often foreign to a lot of people and somultiple exposures to it are beneficial now whether or not you should go to allthe primers and which ones applying to you I can’t answer thatquestion at this time because you probably have the group has a widevariety of research topics so if you are unsure as to your research focusI would actually suggest that you sign up for all of the primers because theyare basic primers and and cover the basic topics of utilizing the systems soregardless of your your research topic I believe that they will all be helpful foryou and you perfectly can attend all of the primers okay so how many people have use Linuxbefore good we have about a little over half of the respondents have utilizedLinux before I’m so you have a little bit of a leg up for those that havenever use Linux before I like I said I would strongly have shown that you sign upfor both intro to Linux primers is there a question about Jupiter wellthere was just a statement okay okay um if you registered for the the primersand did not receive an email and you want to double-check that you’reregistered please send an email with to help @hprc. tamu.edu demonstrate usyour figure and we can confirm as to whether or not you’re signed up and whatemail address consumed okay so maybe it got filtered something along those lines if you want to participate somebodyasked if which primer will be most affected by us not having a net IDif you do not have a net ID you will not be able to participate in any of theexercises so you can watch them but you won’t be able to participate in in following along and is here to attend with the exercises and you won’t haveaccess to the systems you won’t pretty much have access to you any of the A& Mresources okay so for thosethat don’t have a net ID is there anybody that doesn’t have a net id that has already turned in theirpaperwork but really couldn’t initiate it through howdy okay so you’re justworking on the paperwork then okay is anybody tried but failed to gethas anybody tried but failed to get VPN running okay so as far as activatingthrough howdy I can’t stroll you through it through my note because mine’salready active but so so when you go to howdy down now thereis an activate your account and when you click on the activate your chronicle itshould ask you a number of questions like your UIN and maybe your time ofbirth so how many people have a UIN but have not triggered their net ID okayso if you do not have a UIN you need to talk to whoever is supporting yourparticipation in the OREU planned about the paperwork needed to get your UINI’m because if you don’t have your UIN that means your paperwork’s not done andyou won’t be able to activate your net ID so does that clarify how to get your netID active does anybody else have any questions as to what you need before youcan get your net ID okay okay so one of the other things youcan find on the prime sheet is how busy the machines are so once you startutilizing our resources for your forecasts we will often getemails that say I submitted my job and it’s not race and often that’sbecause the machines are very very busy and there aren’t open sources okay soif you come down here and you attend the assemble status okay so for Terra rightnow 69 percent of these things announced nodes are utilized by estimations and6 one per cent of the core are utilized and this shows how many jobs are running andhow many are queued okay so I’m going to make this information and go back to oneof the moves because this goes to the question that we had earlier as to whata core is now here it shows that Ada is zero percent utilized along with Curieand that’s because it’s down for upkeep today it is therefore will be backavailable tomorrow and it will be very very busy so that’s the other importantthing that’s on the main page is information about the cluster status andwhether or not there’s maintenance okay so this specifies that there’s Adamaintenance today which is why there are no activities loping on it okay so let me goback really quick ok so all of these thingshere these are announced calculate nodes and I like to refer to a calculate node asbeing similar to let’s say you have two desktop computers each one of thosedesktop computers you can kind of think of like a node okayexcept on our arrangements there’s very fast communication between those twocomputers so each one of these nodes have a certain number of whore on themand if this is Terra that’s 28 core and if it’s Ada that’s 20 core and each ofthem have two CPUs on them so when you go to look on the central web page and itsays how many nodes are being utilized and how many cores are being utilizedthat’s what it’s referring to okay there are 340 I’m sorry 314 computenodes each one of those compute nodes has 28 core on it okay so you can haveall of the estimate nodes active and being utilized and there has free CPUsso if your job requires a lot of memory then you’re gonna get a entire nodebecause you’re gonna have to use all the retention on the node okay so that’s thebig difference between nodes and cores and again that will also be covered inthe upcoming primers I think that was about the the basics ofwhat I was going to cover today does anybody else have any other questionscomments Thank You Matthew I’m okay so I will goahead and stay online for a little while and answer questions that anybody mighthave I’m but delight again sign up for the primers I’m you should receive anemail confirmation which will include the Zoom link to attend the primers okayI have a question only to clarify the process for downloading the VPN is thesame on a Linux system yeah a VPN on Linux is a little more complicatedsee if I got to find I don’t think they have Cisco VPN for Linux give me just a second let’s see what Ican find for you are you on Ubuntu for my laptops I use I use a bunch ofyes I do generally you will not find HPC arrangements loping Ubuntu they’re usuallyrunning CentOS Red Hat distro yeah Keith if you know a link to wherethe instructions are to I know they there’s a way to set up the VPN clientfor Linux it changes how many parties are usingLinux on their their laptop or desktop that they’re using to connect wait one more second you oh that’s spotting your spaces okay so I’m gonna hunt down to see ifthere are any up-to-date instructions I’m for associate to a VPN with Linuxand if I got something I will post it in the slack Channel was there anyone else that needed to gethelp I’m getting on the slack Channel that’s like oh are you channel you ah thank you Michael Michael says thatif you’re on an Ubuntu derivative if you I’m if you go to connect.tamu.edu it will see your OS and and download the installer for you so wehave a number of parties that need invites to the select channel so to getadded to the OREU channel we just need to know I’m who you are that you still needto be added and then we’ll get you you computed it in so we have about four or fivepeople now okay so to get along with the the basic slackchat slack canal I’m you can click that association and it will put you into thethe sweeter space and and then we will time need to add you to the correctchannel you so I thoughts an email invite was sent outbut then they need to be added to the actual channel I’m in the process ofdoing that okay I believe that everybodythat territory needed to be added to the channel has now been added so if youstill cannot access the OREU Texas A& M 2020 canal please let us know and please do visit and subscribe to ourYouTube channel watch our short videos primers I’m and it would be very good ifyou could watch the the videos the training videos that we have postedbefore even attending the other primers you’ll get more out of it ah so are you in the slack direct in thethe oreu Texas A& M 2020 direct if you are you can go to the little info andyou will see the pinned entries and in the pinned entries you will find the link tothe YouTube channel but I’ve also just affixed it in the schmooze so I know there’s a lot of moving partsthere’s a lot to integrate together okay and this time goes on all the pieceswill fall into place I hope you will have your net Ids before the next primeralso but you can attend and just watch okay and then whenever your net IDis active then you’ll actually be able to apply for an account so I would stillattend the primer even if you don’t have your web ID yet so that you’re readyto go when your net ID is activated so one of the things I didn’t pointout was your net ID a net ID password is the same for all of theresources okay so if it requires your net ID whatever password you use forhowdy you use for everything so when you go to log into our arrangements you will useyour net ID and your net ID password so how many beings were able to find thepin in in the slack canal the oreu Texas A& M 2020 pin that points to the YouTube you so we are very excited to to have all ofyou here working remotely on our the mechanisms and we hope that it’s going to be afruitful summer it looks like a lot of interestingresearch is going to be done this summer by REU students okay so time in summary right if youdon’t have your UIN you need to work with your advisor to come that paperworkdone so you can get your UIN once you have your UIN you need to activate yournet ID okay the link for that is on the the presentation which I’ll probably putin the path along with some other arranges andto do VPN working so you can get access to or behind our firewall and then thenyou also need duo triggered before you can get the theVPN running then once you have all those you can apply for an account on oursystems and then you can start utilizing our organisations with the support of youradviser so sometimes it says something aboutJava and not given the opportunity to download but it will provide you with a association does itsay is there an option to somebody was having trouble downloading the VPNfor windows so you can’t download it to their computer is there an option todownload it manually by clicking on a association if there’s not an option todownload manually I would say the first thingsyou try would be another web browser I’m not sure which browser are you utilizing butyou might want to try a different web browser and if that doesn’t work that isa good contact helpdesk central for reinforcement on that so they the emailwas helpdesk @tamu. edu or you can go to the web page and there’s aphone number that you can call if we have any other questions today you Shay I’m sure there’ll be more questionsto come in the future I’m so I will stay online for about two more instants andthen I will close it the missing session yes the slips aregoing to be affixed the first I’ll go ahead and positioned the moves in the slackchannel they may be affixed somewhere else too but unquestionably they’re goingto be affixed in the slack Channel youyou you you okay expressed appreciation for for assembling us today andagain I’m very excited to have you now and looking forward to to helping youwith your research

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