How to watch Spanish Netflix from anywhere? | Easy to use VPNs

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The Netflix Spanish library has some of the best movies and TV shows around. 2019’s The Platform is one example that was so popular it became a global phenomenon.
But the problem is, a lot of this great content is region locked to Spain itself. Not to worry though, if you’ve come to learn how to watch Spanish Netflix, you’ve come to the right place.

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A VPN can get around Spanish Netflix geo-blocking technology because it camouflages your actual IP location and tells Netflix you’re accessing their platform from Spain. This is because by using the VPN you are technically sending your encrypted internet traffic to one of the VPN servers in Spain, which then accesses Netflix. So, for all intents and purposes, your traffic is coming from Spain. Great, right? However, it’s not easy to find a VPN that can actually access the Spanish Netflix library, as it’s not the most popular option.

If you want a simple tutorial on how to watch Spanish movies on Netflix, I’ll give you an example now. I’m using NordVPN here, but the process should be similar for all VPN clients.

First, you want to download the VPN client and install it.
Once you’ve logged in you’ll want to connect to a Spanish server.
Now that you’re connected, access the Netflix home page. You should notice a difference.
It’s that simple, now you’re on Spanish Netflix! If you have any trouble, try connecting to another server in Spain and repeating the process.

There you have it. So if you wanted to learn how to watch Spanish Netflix in the UK, France, Australia, or New Zealand, the process is this: get a reliable VPN, connect to a Spanish server, and access the website. Keep trying other Spanish servers if you have any trouble.

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