How to watch Oscars live | Watch Oscars 2022 anywhere (TUTORIAL)

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The 2022 Oscars are coming up very soon, and I’m definitely watching. That said, not every country can watch Oscars live online. Fortunately, VPNs fix that oversight. This video will explain how to watch Oscars without cable from anywhere in the world, live, so stick around.

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This year’s Academy awards are scheduled to air at 8:00 PM EDT on March 27th, very soon, so there’s no time to waste. Here are my best tips on how to watch Oscars live from outside of the primary streaming countries, such as the US and UK. Let’s get into the step-by step guide on how to watch Oscars 2022.

0:00 Intro
0:39 Which streaming platform to choose?
1:29 How to watch the Oscars live?
3:09 What are the Best VPNs for the Oscars?
4:22 Conclusion

Choosing a platform:

Once again ABC and Sky Cinema are back on track and plan to stream the Academy awards 2022 event live for residents of the US and UK respectively. However, Sky also extends the Oscars streams to their streaming platform “NOW”, which is available in the UK, Ireland, Italy, Germany and Austria. I think they might even stream the Oscars nominees, the movies I mean, starting mid-March, so it’s a chance to catch up if you haven’t already. Just keep in mind that it won’t be free – both ABC and Sky Cinema have paid subscriptions. While NOW does have a week-long trial, it’s not yet clear if Oscars will be watchable without a specific subscription. Once you’ve decided your way of watching, time to figure out how to watch Oscars live using a VPN.


First off, ABC. The process is fairly simple – first get a VPN. Here, you can either buy the subscription straight up or use a trial – just keep in mind that with NordVPN you can only get it with first login in the Android app. After you get the trial, continue in any other app.
So, once you login to the VPN, choose a US server and connect. Afterwards, proceed to the ABC website and register/login, just like you normally would. There should be no issues present, ending you up with a subscription that can be used for watching Oscars 2022.
Alternatively, you can use Sky Cinema or NOW TV – the Academy awards 2022 will be streamed live there – all that separates you from the show is subscription price and distance to the UK. Just kidding, you can use the same tutorial you heard a couple of seconds before, just using the UK location instead of the US one. The only real difference between Sky Cinema and NOW is subscription details. As I’ve mentioned before, NOW has a week-long trial and I heard people using it last year for Oscars, so that’s something you could try.

VPN recommendations:

Talking about subscriptions – VPNs also have them, and it might feel very expensive to just get a VPN for a single day, only for the Oscars 2022, right?
That’s why I have prepared three great VPN providers that have a free trial for you.
You’ve already seen NordVPN. This is a very reliable service for watching geo-blocked content, I’ve used it with a variety of streaming platforms, including Netflix, and with good results. Since it has servers in the US and the UK, you will be able to access all the platforms that stream Oscars this year.
Surfshark is another good option, great for streaming and has plenty of servers in necessary countries. As a bonus, one account can be used simultaneously on any number of devices, so you can share with friends.
Lastly, the most modest option is PrivateVPN. It’s good for streaming but a bit slower than the other two. Nevertheless, PrivateVPN is perfect for Oscars, thanks to the UK and US servers, so give it a try.
Each of these VPNs have a 7-day trial.


Guys, now that you know how to watch Oscars when you don’t have cable, no matter what country you’re in, enjoy the show! What are your Oscars 2022 predictions? Please let me know down in the comments, and we can compare our guesses.

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