How to watch Netflix with a VPN | The Ultimate guide

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Want to know how to watch Netflix with a VPN? The short answer is you need to get a full-functioned VPN with access to countless servers worldwide. Then you need to test which of those servers make it past Netflix’s geo-blocking technology. As for the long answer, well you’ll have to watch and find out.

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**Watching Netflix with VPN**
First, you want to sign up for a VPN and download the correct client for your operating system. In my case, it’s Nord.

Second, once you’ve installed and logged in, you want to choose a server that corresponds to the Netflix library you want to access. I.e. If you want to access Netflix US, you need to connect to a server in the US.

Search through the list of servers for the ones based in your desired country, and, for now, connect to any of them.

Third, you want to access Netflix to check you’re on the right library, and search for the show you couldn’t watch in yours. For example, Twin Peaks on US Netflix and here you go.

However, if you get the VPN error message, try other servers in your chosen country until it works.

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