How to watch Harry Potter Reunion 2022 on HBO Max FROM ANYWHERE

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HBO Max has a plethora of great content, just like the Harry Potter Reunion 2022. Though, a lot of this isn’t available in every location. So – let’s fix that today! In this video I’ll not only show you “how” to use a VPN for unblocking HBO Max Harry Potter. But also “the best VPN options” and important features.

💣 My full list of TOP VPN providers:

A reliable VPN masks, and replaces your IP address. Basically, it tricks streaming platforms into thinking you’re watching from a different country. Say you’re wondering, “How to watch HBO Max in Canada” or the UK. Well, using a VPN means you can access the Harry Potter reunion HBO Max version, from anywhere.

0:00 Intro
0:36 How does a VPN work?
1:00 How to unblock HBO Max with a VPN?
1:40 Why should you pick NordVPN?
2:27 How much does NordVPN cost?
2:39 Is Surfshark a good choice for HBO Max?
3:07 How expensive is Surfshark?
3:19 Can you choose PrivateVPN for streaming?
4:00 Final thoughts

To do this is easy:
First, choose a VPN you can trust.
Next, you’ll want to connect to a VPN server where HBO Max is available.
If you’re wondering “How to access HBO Max” you will in fact need an account.
Specifically, you’ll need a US credit card. You can bypass this by using Apple Pay or Google Pay via mobile, for the sign up process.
Also, if you need a US address you can simply generate one online.
The final stage, login, find the HBO Max Harry Potter show and enjoy!

Best VPN for HBO streaming:

NordVPN: As so easily demonstrated in this Harry Potter, HBO Max tutorial, NordVPN is consistent. Their server fleet has wide coverage. They have a lightning-fast and modern protocol, named NordLynx. Furthermore, it’s compatibility is wide: apps for Android TV; Amazon Fire TV; router configuration options, and the ability to use SmartDNS to configure it for gaming consoles. Best of all, you can use one account across 6 devices.

Surfshark: With more than 3,200 servers across 65+ countries, accessing libraries won’t be an issue. Performance is stellar. This is mainly because of their WireGuard protocol. As you can see, they’re really fast and great for 4K streaming or online gaming. If you’re wondering “How to watch HBO Max on TV” you’re spoiled with their compatibility. A big difference? Surfshark’s generous unlimited connections.

PrivateVPN: Though their server fleet seems small, in the Americas and Europe there’s countless options. Their speeds have also improved as of late; seamless for streaming in 4K. They match NordVPN in terms of simultaneous connections and also offer apps for Amazon Fire TV and Android TV. Great, seeing as their dedicated streaming servers can unblock Amazon Prime, Disney, Netflix and more.

Furthermore, if you are from the UK, or wondering “How to watch HBO Max in Europe” keep in mind you can watch the Harry Potter reunion UK-style via other platforms.

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