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Disney+ is a great service, whether you are an adult or a kid, let’s admit, we all love Disney. Too bad, that the instant you set your foot out of the US and a couple of other countries where the service is licensed, accessing it becomes impossible. But in this video I will tell you how to watch Disney plus outside the US, and basically from anywhere, where Disney+ is not available.

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There aren’t many countries with access to Disney+: US, Canada, Australia, Netherlands, UK, New Zealand, and that’s about it. Even if you’re outside these countries, you can make Disney plus believe otherwise by using a VPN – Virtual Private Network to change your virtual location, and thus allowing you to access DIsney+. But not every VPN can be an answer to how to watch Disney plus outside the US. Streaming services do not like such kind of tampering, actively seeking and blocking connections through VPN servers.
I’ve tested a bunch of services to bypass geoblocks and here I’ll list only those services that worked. Plus, they have high speed and good security features.

0:00 Intro
0:24 Where can you watch Disney Plus and how can a VPN help?
1:09 NordVPN: The best VPN option to unlock Disney Plus?
2:07 Can you use Surfshark to stream Disney Plus?
3:07 VyprVPN: a viable option for Disney Plus streaming?
4:08 Is there any Free VPNs for Disney Plus?


NordVPN is one of those services.
I’ve tested it extensively, and I can honestly say it’s one of the fastest VPNs on the market right now. It has no trouble streaming high-definition content without lags or delays.It also doesn’t leave your connection unprotected – military-grade encryption exists to provide a high level of security. They also have an additional feature that makes sure you’re not subjected to ads or suspicious content online – CyberSec. Yet, most importantly, I’ve got some great experience using NordVPN for Disney plus. Never bumped into an actual error.


Surfshark is yet another Disney plus VPN I am always glad to use. It’s performance is pretty much on the same level as Nord’s. I did some speed tests as well, and download speed was always consistent. The security is also top-notch, from the military-grade encryption, to the ad-blocker and a whole suite of cybersecurity apps, including an antivirus for an additional price. But yeah, I’ve had no problems cracking Disney plus US, and this is also true for Netflix and a couple of other platforms like BBC iPlayer.


You can also try out VyprVPN, a 3-day free trial is a good opportunity to do so. And you most likely will want to use it, since VyprVPN is a great Disney plus VPN, thanks to the fast connection speed. What makes VyprVPN truly special is that it owns all of their servers, so no third party would be able to tamper with them. Considering that VyprVPN also has military-grade encryption and the Chameleon protocol, designed to bypass firewalls, it’s a very secure VPN. Accessing Disney plus UK or US regions is super simple, and I have even managed to make other streaming platforms work with VyprVPN consistently. Perhaps the only downside is the lack of SmartDNS feature, so if you’re planning to watch streams on your SmartTV, this one may not fit your desires.

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