How to use Surfshark VPN in 2020 πŸ”₯ A Beginner’s Guide and Walk through Review

Learn How to use Surfshark VPN in 2020. A Beginner’s Guide and Walk through Review
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What’s happening guys, it’s Adam here and today I thought I’d make a simple video with a basic guide on how to use shark’s VPN. Now once you’ve opened the app, if you want to connect in the simplest way, you simply hit the Quick Connect button and it will connect you to the nearest server location to you. But most of the time, you’re going to want to choose your own location and surf shark makes this very simple to do, you simply come into the locations menu and then you hit locations. Now unlike most VPNs, every single location and server is in one simple to read list. And also you can add these to your favorites by simply hitting the star next to their name. This way it will make them easier to find in the future.

This layout really is simple, makes things very convenient. Now once you’ve chosen the location you want to connect to simply find it in the list and click on its name. Once you’ve done this, it is extremely quick to connect in fact is one of the fastest I’ve ever seen in a VPN. And just to show that it’s working, you can come into Google perform any random search and then if you scroll down to the bottom of the screen, you’ll See the location in which Google thinks you’re browsing from. In this case, it’s Croatia. So now that we’ve tricked the internet into thinking that we’re in a different location, this is where the fun can begin. Personally, my favorite thing to use the VPN for is to unblock Netflix.

So in other words, we can trick Netflix into thinking that we’re in a different location. First of all, to show you how this works, I’ve just disconnected from the VPN. So at the moment, it’s currently browsing on my normal internet connection from the UK. Now if we come into Netflix, you’ll see the home screen is the normal UK home screen. And if we use the search bar to search for a title, for example, the office you’ll see that the office comes up, but this is the UK version of the office, which is great. I love this version, but I wanted to watch the US version of the office and it’s not available in my country. So what we’re going to do is we’re going to come out of Netflix, come back into the VPN, select any location in the United States and hit Connect.

This time when we come back into Netflix, you’ll notice that the homescreen has changed and it’s now going to show us the s version. This means that the VPN has done its job. So this time, we can then go back up and we can search for the office again, only this time is going to show us the US version of the office, and we’re going to be able to watch it without any problems whatsoever. Now some VPN is claimed to be able to unblock Netflix, but they can’t do the job as a surf shark. The streams play flawlessly in full HD or even 4k from start to finish with no buffering whatsoever. On top of this, it also works with other streaming platforms such as Hulu, HBO, and Amazon Prime. Now something else which you might want to use a VPN for is torrenting.

The reason why is because when you’re torrenting, you have to make sure your connection is super secure. And also you want to make sure that nobody’s keeping a track or records of any of your browsing activity. And with surf shark, they maintain a no logging policy, so you can be sure that that’s the case, the download speeds with surf shark are great. And unlike some other VPN, which actually discourage the use of torrenting surf shark do not so you’re free to torrent to your heart’s content. Another feature which you’re going to want to make use of was torrenting is called a kill switch. Now what this will do is it will disconnect your internet completely it should your VPN connection dropped for any reason. This way, you know that you’ll never be torrenting unsafely without the use of the VPN.

And this isn’t the only feature you’re going to want to take advantage of either. They also have a great feature called clean web. And this will block pop up ads, trackers and malware was just surfing the internet.

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