How to use NordVPN on a Mac ✅ Best Nord VPN Mac Tutorial for 2021

hey what’s up my honour is nick and welcome to techhouse today we’re going to talking about installing nordvpn on your mac this is an m1 apple silicon and here is the intel mac they both passage accurately the same as currently until now no vpn provider has secreted an app which is natively supported by the m1 processor if that changes anywhere along wrinkle satisfy check down in the description because i’ll be sure to update it also if you don’t yet have a node vpn i’m likewise going to be including all the deductions that i find for it so let’s jump into the review let’s start off by going to the website here you can log in and once you’re logged in you have a pretty simple interface there really is not much to go through so we’re going to go through everything so first what we see is business we have nord locker we have nordvpn and nordpass these are three different apps that nordvpn offers and we’ll get to those in time a bit let’s jump into nordvpn here more information about it and then nordpass nordlocker and at the end there is downloads and from here you can merely download nordvpn and that will give you the options to select where you want to download we of course have a mac so we’re going to go to download for mac os and adopt the nord vpn ike v2 this is going to open up our app collect and from our app collect we can download the app huge so what does it look like when we launched the app it looks like this you straight away can connect to any country you demand in fact let’s do that right now let’s uh go and connect to the united kingdom and that’s it we’re connected that’s as simple as it can get we are now utilizing a vpn but there’s more to uh talk about here so let’s unpack a little bit other than selecting a location on the delineate you can see the sidebar has the inventory of the locations which you can select by word and there’s underneath now some speciality service which you can also connect to so for example p2p is peer-to-peer which is actually going to increase your download velocity it’s designed for torrenting it’s a little less secure a little less i imply actually negligible but yes it’s designed for very good moves possible then going up now we have the settings tab and in the settings tab we have a few things that we can configure let’s go through them in general we have this auto launch when computer starts if you use a vpn constantly and then that’s a good option to have selected then cybersec is a cyber security it block ads and malware when connected nord has a list of ip addresses which consideration be given to harmful and well time blocks them next up is a vpn protocols now we have a few alternatives use recommended protocol sure that’s pretty self-explanatory then ike v2 is the industry standard right now but it is quickly being replaced by wireguard and nordlinx is the name that nordvpn chose to give this a wire guard technology so that is the fastest and most secure protocol that you can use and i suggest that you use it because you’ll get the best defeats that direction however there are two more specks over here this udp and tcp if you select one of them and scroll down you can see that we have additional servers uh sounding up the difference between udp and tcp is that udp is faster and tcp is slower but a bit more reliable for our current use we are to be able almost always operation udp and the tcp exclusively for example you’re downloading a datum and it keeps going an error chance of that happening are not often so let’s stick to udp and now we have some extra service popping up here we have a dedicated ip alternative and the most efficient way to think about it is if a vpn is when you’re wearing a mask and you continue changing those disguises when you connect to different servers then a dedicated ip is a single disguise which you use and then you’d be recognized by the mask but of course your identity is always remaining fasten this is specifically supportive when you’re doing with high-pitched protection apps like your online banking as converting your idp forever might generate suspicion from your bank and block you out so having a dedicated ip likewise will help you bypass any kind of restrictions like that then you have double vpn mostly you go through one vpn and then from that vpn to another vpn if in some really strange uh scenario somebody’s able to track from which vpn you are located is going to track to a different vpn and then there’s no ways that he can track one more time back to where you are located anyway it’s um it’s it’s a feature which is there and it’s nice to have but i represent doubled defence is neat but i can’t think of a scenario in which action you would actually certainly need it maybe if you’re surfing the deep deep web perhap then you might want to turn on doubled vpn only to be that extra sure obfuscated wow that’s a mouthful and probably something that you are able to never need it’s for the times that you might want to travel to a country with heavy internet restrictions you’d needs to have obfuscated services to bypass their heavy internet restraints and are talking here about those kind of countries you’ll find that there is no china nor russia available to connect to other countries like north korea is also a no-go zone because they physically aren’t allowed to build servers there but on the plus feature if you do want to connect to a specific city for example in the united states there is these three little dots over here and then you can select a region or a specific server and you can connect to that and look at that there’s 1 800 servers in the united states alone next up we have help us improve and if you have chosen that that’s just going to collect some data anonymously and move it to vpn in order to assist them in enhance the implementation i indicate you turn this off there’s no need for that let’s go on to autoconnect everything here is also pretty much self-explanatory when using an untrusted system you can choose to connect so if you’re traveling a lot and you open up your laptop in a wi-fi hotspot and then it’s going to connect automatically so i don’t know which net structure that is let’s connect uh of course if you’re just at your home all the time then there’s no point of this you can choose when to connect i too have this a list of current uh or relied structures so currently i’m on my ethernet system and i can merely uh select to trust it and now whenever i’m connected to my ethernet it’s not going to auto connect you might not want that you might have to auto connect always but this allows me full self-restraint over the app when i want to connect when i don’t want to connect that’s totally up to me also here you said you have connect 2 so that when it automatically connects you can choose which server to connect automatically moving on we have the appearance here is dock and this is pretty much this app over here if you use menu bar then you see it goes onto this menu bar on top if you’re stuck in this in the bottom you have predilections and then you just go to open penchants and then you can change in appearance again for both so that’s going to show both the dock and the menu bar icon over there on top right and then other apps so let’s get into these very quickly nord pass is pretty much a one pass uh alternative or uh only a password administrator in general it’s nord’s version this is a paid add-on if you are in the nord ecosystem you might consider it it’s actually fairly good is various kinds of a dropbox alternative but with a password let me speedily show it to you so here it is uh you must enter your password and then it unlocks and you have your files over here it gives you three gigabytes free right off the at-bat and then you can add 500 gigabytes for a compensate due the nordvpn teams is something that you might want to consider if you have a business and then the last final piece of the dilemma is your account which pretty much precisely impounds your expiry dates well that about packages it up in under 10 instants we went through absolutely all the features this app has to offer and nordvpn has been my own personal favorite for download speeds for the longest of seasons if you want to step up your vpn game there’s always expressvpn to consider check out the other videos that i’ve done on that and if you think that you don’t really need all these features and really demand something for a little bit cheaper well uh there is also surf shark which in fact gives you unlimited sum of simultaneous alliances whichever the case is i employed the links in the description for all the best renders i could find so check those out my figure is nick and if you like this review afford it a like if you loved it consider agreeing and checking out our other content till then cheers

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