How to use NordVPN in 2020 🔥 A Beginner’s Guide and Walk through Review

How to use NordVPN. Get a walk through showing you how to use Nord VPN.
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Transcript below on How to use NordVPN in 2020 – A Beginner’s Guide and Walk through

What is happening guys, it’s Adam here and today I thought I’d make a basic guide on how to use Nord VPN. So once you’ve opened up the app, you’ll see this nice and simple easy to use interface, if you’re really looking to use the VPN for is just to get a secure connection, you can use this quick connect feature and it will put you onto the fastest server, which is usually the most local one to you. However, if you want to choose your own location, they make this very easy to do with the list of all of the available countries in the main window, you can click directly on the country’s name and it will connect you to the fastest server and the fastest region where you can go into this menu here where you can choose your own location within the country.

And you can also choose a server to connect to and you’ll notice that next to the server names you’ll actually see a small percentage figure and this is how many people are actually on the server at any one time. But for the most part, you’re going to want to leave both of these options on the fastest setting. Now once you’ve chosen your location is easy to connect, you just click one button and a few seconds later you’re now connected to another person countries’ internet. And to verify that this is worked, it’s quite simple to do, we can open up the browser, simply perform any random search in Google. And then once we scroll down to the bottom of the page, it will show us the location in which it thinks we’re browsing from. Now, this can be useful for many different things.

But one of my favorite things to do with this is to use Netflix from another country. In other words, I can access a library on Netflix, which wouldn’t usually be available to me in the UK. So to show you how this works, I’ve disconnected from the VPN for now. And I’m going to open up Netflix and take a look. As you can see, Netflix knows that I’m in the UK, So show me the UK version of the homepage. Then if we come up to the search bar, and I search for a title such as the office, you’ll notice that it does bring up the office and it’s there for me to watch but this is the UK version of the office. However, I wanted to watch the US version of the office. So this is where the VPN comes in. We can simply come out of Netflix, we go back into the VPN and then we select the United States as our location, now we’re going to come back into Netflix.

And this time it will be tricked into thinking that we’re browsing from the US. So as you can see, the homepage is now different. This is the US version of the homepage. And when we come up to the search bar, and we search for the same title, the office, it will show up in the list, but this time, it’s showing us the US version. So now I have access to a whole host of new shows and movies. And it’s not just the US you can do this with you can look at many different locations. And you can also do this with things like Hulu and Amazon Prime. Now another reason which people might want to use a VPN is for when they’re torrenting.

Now with Nord VPN, they have a no logging policy, which means they do not keep track of any of your internet activity. Now, some VPNs are actually against torrenting, and they do not want you to use torrenting on their system. However, with Nord VPN, they actively encourage it. They even have specialized p2p servers just for this purpose. So when you’re torrenting, you’re going to want to come up to the top of the list on the left and find the pizza P option. Once you’ve selected this, it will put you onto the best possible server for torrenting.

And then you know that you’re going to be safe. So on top of this Nord actually has some other specialist servers. So let’s take a quick look at those. The first one here on the list is dedicated IP. Usually when you’re on a VPN, your IP address is constantly changing, every time you connect, you get a new IP address. However, if you want to keep the same IP address, and you don’t want it to be shared with other people, selecting this option will do just that. The next one on the list is double VPN.

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