How To Use Netflix With a VPN

Today I show you how easy and simple it is to how use Netflix with a VPN.
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Transcript: How To Use Netflix With a VPN

Now a question which I get asked a lot when it comes to Netflix and VPN is how do you actually use a VPN to watch a program or a movie that’s not usually available in your own country. For this particular demonstration, I’m going to be using ExpressVPN because it’s one of my favorites when it comes to unblocking Netflix. But there’s other options out there that might be better for you. So check the description, I’ll put the links down there to those and also if they got any deals or discounts on I’ll put the links down there for those also. So they have a day I watched a movie called jarhead. And now I want to watch Joe had to, but I’m in the UK and I happen to know that Joe had to isn’t available on the UK Netflix. So if I search it here, you’ll see it’s not available, the only one is the original jarhead. So I need to browse from America in order to be able to watch this. So the first thing you have to do is yes, you have to sign out of your Netflix account before you use the VPN. And once you’re signed out, you can then Open up your VPN, my weapon of choice happens to be ExpressVPN. I just think they’re really simple to use. And I’ve never had any problems when I’m blocking Netflix. So you select the location from the list of various locations, there’s plenty to choose from, but we want the United States, and then you just hit Connect only takes a few seconds, I haven’t sped this up any way she can see the real time speed. And once it’s connected, which it has there, you can then go back to Netflix, sign in again. But this time, it’s gonna think you’re browsing from America. So the first thing you’ll notice is that everything looks a little bit different. When you log into Netflix, there’ll be different advertisements and things like that. So when we come up to the search bar now, and we type in jarhead, two, it should come up straight away in the list, and we’re able to then click on it and watch it. Now one of the reasons I love ExpressVPN is their speeds are great. So I’m now going to be able to watch this in 4k from start to finish. There’s not going to be any buffering and there’s not going to be any issues with playback whatsoever. So it really is that simple. And if you’re anything like me You’ve probably watched through pretty much everything of interest to you on your own version of Netflix. So with a VPN you have access to a whole host of new material. So as I said at the start of the video, I’ve been using ExpressVPN to do this, but there’s other options as well. Make sure you check the description to find out all about those. Stay safe. Thank you for watching, and I’ll catch you on the next one.

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