How to UNBLOCK Youtube from anywhere | Try these 4 methods

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There are multiple ways to make sure your Youtube experience isn’t ruined by copyright, workplace or governmental restrictions. I have 4 effective ways to unblock videos on Youtube regardless of where you are – try at least one of them and let us know if it worked!

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1:12 Which VPN to choose for unblocking YouTube?
1:33 How to unblock YouTube with a VPN?
2:24 How to know where YouTube video is not blocked?
3:03 How to modify YouTube’s URL to unblock content?
3:45 Can you access blocked YouTube content by downloading it?
4:24 How to unblock YouTube content with Proxy add-on?
5:00 Is it safe to unblock YouTube?
5:57 Is it legal to unblock YouTube with a VPN?
6:30 What are the reasons why you can’t reach some of Youtube’s content?

The most effective and straightforward way to unblock Youtube is a VPN. When you connect with a VPN, you route your internet traffic through a VPN server in a location that you choose. This makes it look like your traffic comes from that location, so it’s an effective way to get around geo-blocks, local firewalls and a server of your choice in the country where the video you need is available.
If you wanna unblock YouTube for free, these are my top YouTube VPNs with free plans – ProtonVPN and Atlas VPN.

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