How to unblock Facebook | Access Facebook from anywhere (Tutorial)

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Facebook has been censored by more than 30 countries worldwide, including Russia, China, and North Korea. Even corporate organizations are trying to manage bandwidth and improve productivity, leading workers to a relentless search for how to access blocked Facebook. That’s why I’ll be showing you how to access blocked Facebook today. After watching this video, you will know how to access Facebook from anywhere, regardless of your current location or company policies.

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0:00 Intro
0:52 Why is Facebook blocked?
1:46 How can I choose an effective VPN?
2:15 Which free VPNs can unblock Facebook?
2:38 How to unblock Facebook?
3:48 How to unblock Facebook on mobile?
4:46 Conclusion

=== Why can’t you access Facebook? ===

The use of social media at work has been linked to reduced concentration and productivity among employees. It has also been shown to reduce academic performance among students. Many companies and schools have turned to internet censorship to help people focus and get more value out of their time. Also, misuse of social media platforms like Facebook may put your company or coworkers at risk. And it could just be that your school or company is imposing Facebook restrictions to conserve available local bandwidth for important activities.
Facebook censorship has been thorough in countries like Russia, China, and North Korea. This sort of restriction prevents freedom of speech and access to real news. To safely outwit this kind of internet censorship in Russia and other authoritarian countries, you will need a Virtual Private Network.
So if you’ve been wondering how to unblock Facebook, you have to find a trustworthy VPN provider first. I’ll recommend NordVPN – it’s affordable, tested, and trusted in outmaneuvering social media censorship.

=== How to unblock Facebook on PC ===

To unblock Facebook on a Windows, Linux, or macOS PC.
First, download and install the VPN of your choice. NordVPN is a powerful and affordable option, so let’s use it in this case. If you can’t get to the NordVPN website normally, NordVPN has an alternative website with a separate app dedicated to bypassing Chinese censorship. It should work for you as well.
Next, choose a suitable server in a location where Facebook is not restricted like the US, the UK or the Netherlands. If you had to resort to the alternative app, you might need to enable and use obfuscation too.

Then connect to your chosen location.
Before you continue, clear your browser cache. Your browser cache can store sensitive information. So, clearing it protects you and helps your VPN app run better. Then open a new incognito tab and visit If you have a browser you’ve not used for Facebook before, you can also use that.

If necessary, create a new account. I recommend you do this, even if you have an old account. And voilà – you’re free to use Facebook without restrictions!

=== How to unblock Facebook on Mobiles ===

Speaking of how to unblock Facebook in your country with your mobile phone.
First, you need to install a VPN app from your app store. If your location prevents you from finding the app, you might have to sideload the app or set up a manual VPN connection. VPN customer support will be glad to help you with that.

And as before, choose a suitable server location.

Then download the Facebook mobile app from Google Playstore or Apple Store, as applicable. If you cannot find the Facebook app on Playstore, you can check websites that distribute apps outside Google Playstore.

Please note that using these third-party websites must be your decision. And instead of going through that trouble, you can simply visit via your phone browser.

=== Troubleshooting ===

If you still cannot access Facebook straight away, check if your VPN connection was successful. Check and be sure that you’ve cleared your browser cache. You can also try a different VPN server, or use a different browser. And if everything else fails, contact your VPN customer support for help.

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