How to Setup and Access VPN in Windows 8.1

hi my reputation is Miguel from avoid missteps dotnet in this tutorial I’m going to be indicating you guys how to set up and access a VPN in Windows 8.1 for this we will need three things one configure the server in this case Windows 8.1 for a VPN access configure the router to enable VPN through out the router and three configure the client so let’s begins with the first now in Windows 8.1 desktop press the Windows key+ W it’ll bring up the search now nature structure and sharing center or you can go to control panel networking sharing center here click on change adapter provides relation now now press the Alt key in your keyboard to brought forward by additional menu now click on file and select new incoming joining from the dropdown now here situate a checkmark to the user that is going to be connecting via the VPN Miguel here is already pre selected in my client and click on next how will public connect throughout the Internet make sure to check mark that clink Next now leave everything default and click on allow access now make sure to write down the computer name because we’re going to need it in the future and close now if we go to change adapter locations now we’ll notice a new incoming connect initiated now we have configured the first part now we need to configure the router which is the second part now press the Windows key+ R on your keyboard to open the run window now nature CMD and press ok it’ll open the command prompt now sort ipconfig and press Enter now it will give you the IP address and the default gateway we need both so write them both down the default gateway is to access your router so open the browser and enter your gateway IP address in my lawsuit is and press Enter I’m utilizing a Linksys router and now enter the username and password of your router now in my dispute its application and gaming in your example it would be probably drew forwarding and here type the following PPTP and external port 1723 the same for internal port make sure the protocol is both and the IP address of the windows 8.1 in my bag is one one five enable and save provides and other routers we would probably configure a passthrough additionally to what we did now we have completed the second part now let’s configure the I’m working a Windows 8 for my patient are similar for 8.1 so go to the desktop control panel network and sharing Center now now set up a brand-new contact or system connect to a workplace adopt it next utilization my internet connect VPN internet address now we can type the one IP address or the LAN IP address in this case I’m abusing the moor IP address now you can placed: 17:23 if you like recollect my credentials and click on create now it will bring up this back space now click on VPN connection connect and enroll the username and password of the subscribers we enable to at the beginning to connect via VPN and click OK error 720 why am I not surprised now if the same happens to you I’ll show you how to fix it now in a second this took me about 2 hours go back to the VPN server Windows 8.1 control panel networking sharing midst conversion the adapter directs attach right click your newly created incoming joinings belongings networking tab select the Internet Protocol version where there is four or six belongings and here instead of assigning IP addresses automatically specify the IP address range in this case for all my VPN connections I’ll assign 50 100 to 150 IP addresses click on OK ok again and now go back and reconnect throughout the VPN so maybe in connection again connect username and password of the VPN user ok and now it operated properly perfect VPN connection connected if you attend our newly created VPN here if we go now to the VPN server Windows 8.1 you’ll notice person or persons connected one client connected and I’m connected via VPN now to access records and folders from that server from the client computer press the windows key+ R and then the lope space enroll backslash backslash and the server appoint or IP address and sounds OK you should have access to all that Windows 8.1 enter shared registers and folders thank you for watching this video my name is Miguel if you have any questions feel free to affix them in the comment section below expressed appreciation for

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