How to Setup a VPN Using ExpressVPN & RUT360 Router

Is your attachment safe and private on allthe devices at home? If you have not set up a VPN on each of themit s questionable. But make us save you some valuable period by sayingthat you can secure your entirety residence structure by setting up aVPN straight-out on your router. Using a VPN is a simple, economical, and veryeffective method to protect your internet traffic and privacy online. A VPN ensures the data goes through an encryptedtunnel and is safe from intruders, authorities, and pretty much everyone you do not wish toshare your information with. Today we are going to use ExpressVPN for thepurpose of this video. Setting up a VPN on your router is a way moreefficient method than doing it one-by-one for each laptop, tablet, smartphone and otherdevices on the same network. It s enough to set it up onceand forget about it.Even if you pioneer a brand-new device it s goingto be immediately protected and private! Without further ado, let’s dive into thesimple step-by-step guide to set up an ExpressVPN connection on your residence router. For this we will be using the RUT3 60 one of the latest 4G IoT routers in Teltonika Networks portfolio, which is also widely used at home by trueenthusiasts. To begin, you should go to the ExpressVPNwebsite, login to your detail, and download OVPN configuration files. We indicate choosing the server that is theclosest to your locating, or testing multiple available options to figure out which oneworks best for you! You may do so by checking your internet speedat websites such as To access the router’s WebUI, go to Work> VPN> OpenVPN. Create a brand-new configuration, by load inyour desired network configuration name, then select the client role, and pulping the lend button. Next, follow on-screen instructions. Press Save& Apply. Then, you will be forwarded back to the OpenVPNconfiguration window and if you exerted the configuration precisely, it will appear asconnected.It might take a couple of momentsto connect though. Should you like to increase your obscurity, there are additional steps you may take. Check the link in the descriptionfor more details! That s all! Your internet traffic now advances througha VPN tunnel! To make sure everything is working properly, you should check whether your IP address and locale have changed. You may do so by inspect www.whatismyipaddress.comor same websites.As always, give us know in the comments ifyou superseded with these instructions and let us know if you have any questions! Don t forget to smacked the subscribe andsee you in the next video !.

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