How to Setup a VPN on Chromebook in 2021 (4 methods step-by-step)

– There are four differentways to set up a VPN for Chromebook. I’m gonna gait you step-by-stepthrough the process use my Chromebook andexplain the pros and cons of each method. Let’s go.( electronic beeping) Welcome to All ThingsSecured, my name’s Josh, and I’ve got my Asus Chromebook here that we’re gonna get setup with the VPN today. I’ve coordinated this videowhere I’ll be testifying you the most wonderful technique firstly and then working my direction down the schedule. We’ll begins with the Androidapp, which is the best option if you have a newer Chromebook. Next is the Chrome browser extension, which works for thosewith older Chromebooks.But has limited functionalityand merely protects what you do through the browser. I’ll reveal you the built-in L2TPIP specified patron for Chrome OS. Which again is useful ifyour Chromebook is older, doesn’t subsistence Android apps and you crave the entireinternet bond protected. And ultimately we’ll extend themuch less common Linux VPN setup for those who have enabledLinux on their Chromebooks and wanna protect thatspecific bond. If you’ve got your Chromebook with you, go ahead and open it up with me and let’s jump into methodnumber one, the Android app. If you’re using a newer Chromebook, more than likely you’llhave access to Android apps through the Google Play Store. This is by far the easiest, fastest and best road to set upa VPN on Chromebook. So go ahead and open upthat Google play store, which you’ll find onthe bottom menu button.And you can search for VPN. There’s gonna be hundredsof apps that come up with that search. Some of them will be good, some of them won’t be so good. If you require my recommendation, go ahead and open up your Chrome browser and kind in That’s an affiliate connect thatwill leading you to Express VPN, which is probably one of themost popular VPN business on the market today. And it get to work reallywell with Chromebooks. Once you’ve set up asubscription to this VPN, whether it’s Express VPN orwhichever one you choose, you’re gonna find that appon the Google Play Store. You can either search for it or often there’s setupguides, we’ll have a link to it. And you’re gonna install that immediately onto your Chromebook. Right , now that we’veinstalled the VPN app, let’s go ahead and open it up and signed off .( keyboard sounding) The VPN will usuallyrequest that you set up a VPN configuration. All you have to do is press okay and now you’re set up and ready to go. There are a couple of very good reasons to use a VPN Androidapp on your Chromebook. The first is the fact that it encryptsyour part acquaintance , not just what’s on your browser. The second is that you’vegot a lot more alternatives in the prepares. So for example here in Express VPN, I can change the protocolbetween lightway, which is kind of likewire guard and OpenVPN. You can do split tunneling, which allows you to send some traffic. Like let’s say your Netflixapp through the VPN, so you can watch a differentlibrary of movies and shows.And then everything else justgoes straight to the internet without being encrypted on theVPN, that’s separate tunneling. These each type of creates, won’t be available to youin any of the other options that I’m about to show you whenit comes to setting up a VPN on your Chromebook. You can see that I’m nowconnected to the VPN server, which means that everythingI do on my Chromebook now, whether that’s through the appor through the Chrome browser is encrypted and sentthrough that VPN server.And I can even take and close this out and it will remain connected. You can see here on thebottom that the VPN is on and I can even go in hereand click on disconnect and it will disconnect tothat Express VPN connection. At this point after undoing, if you wanna reconnect to your VPN, you are eligible to time click on VPN, find the name of theVPN that you downloaded. Click that plus arrow and itwill bring you back to the app that will allow you to then connect. Choose whatever server you miss and get back on that VPN connection. If your Chromebook doesn’tallow for Android apps, or if you’d rather really do everything through the Chrome browser, your next best option here is postponements. So I would go here into moretools and find expansions. And you’re gonna find which extensions are currently installedon the Chrome browser. I’m gonna click here on the left and look for open Chrome Web Store. You can also only examination onGoogle for Chrome Web Store. What are you gonna find here are extensions.And in this case, I’m gonnashow you the Nord VPN extension. Since I prefer that one, when it comes to Chromeextensions on the Chromebook. So you search for Nord VPN and you’re going to installthat Chrome extension.( keyboard clicking) Now that the Chromeextension is installed, you can click here on the upper privilege. And it’s going to allow youto log in with your report. So I’m gonna log in now. Now that I’m logged in, it’s really just as simpleas clicking quick connect. You can search for a specific country if you’d rather connectsomewhere else in the world. Or you can go up now, and every VPN is gonna contribute locateds. And different settings here in Nord VPN, “youre seeing” the ones that they volunteer are things like CyberSec, which blocks ads and malware. And then a Bypass List, which is essentially the split tunneling I was telling you about earlier. No interest which VPN you use, they’re all gonna belocated up here on the right and you can pin it if you’d like to.So that any time you connectto your Chrome browser, you can make sure thatyou’re connected to a VPN of your choosing and so thateverything from that quality on in Chrome will be encrypted. Again, If your Chromebookdoesn’t allow for Android apps and you don’t wannause a Chrome extension. Because you’d still like toencrypt the part linkage for your Chromebook, the next best option isa manual native setup of the OpenVPN L2TP protocol. You can find that on thebottom right settings now and click on VPN. You’re gonna witness OpenVPN L2TP, click on that plus arrow.And they’re gonna havethree options for you. Two different L2TPconnections and one OpenVPN. But I wanna let you knowright now ahead of time, that as much as I’dlike to help you set up an OpenVPN connection, most business, most VPN business that you’reusing, won’t allow for that. And the reason is they’regonna give you a. OVPN file to download and upload. But Chromebook doesn’t abode those. They require you to set up a certificate. They wanna give all of these information. So unless you have an ITperson helping you set up your OpenVPN protocol, it’s probably not going towork between your Chromebook and most commercial VPNs. In that case, you’re gonnawanna choose the L2TP with a pre-shared key. And this isn’t the most secure highway to connect to a VPN, I’ll admit. A pre-shared key is generallythought to be unsecure. Nonetheless, if this is your onlyoption, it’s your only alternative. So I’m gonna depict youhow to be established this L2TP with my Express VPN account.If I go in, I’m gonna be looking for the manual configuration. And under that manualconfiguration, I’m looking for L2TP. Some VPNs, don’t give L2TP simply because it isn’t themost secure direction to connect. Thankfully Express VPN does. So I’m going to use this username, I’m gonna go back in andset up that L2TP connection. I can choose whatever server I crave. So let’s say I emulate this, New York server. So I’m gonna adhesive that in the multitude mention. I’m just gonna announce thisExpress VPN New York. It’s not gonna be an OpenVPN connection. It’s going to be the pre-shared key. And then I’m gonna facsimile this username, glue it now. Copy the password, glue it now. And then the group name ifI remember right .( whistles) Excuse me, the pre shared key one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. Yup. That’s super secure. And then sounds connect. Now, the road that you’re gonna know that, that VPN is connected is if you go back into that VPN setting andyou’ll see it says connected. So you can disconnect from that easily. And then you can reconnectjust by clicking on that. So it’s easy to set upmultiple server locatings all around the world, if you want. And then choose and connect to the ones that you wanna connect tojust now on your locates, native within the Chromebook. Now mind you, you have nocontrol over any establishes when “youre using” this route ofsetting up a VPN on Chromebook. You can’t vary, youcan’t do split tunneling, you can’t deepen yourprotocol, It is set as it is. So the only thing you’ll be able to change are the server locationshere on the VPN lays. All claim, this finaloption is for those of you that have set up the Linuxapp on your Chromebook. I wanna make sure you understandeverything that we’ve done prior to this, the Androidapp, the propagation, the manual setup.Those VPN connections do notcover anything that you do on your Linux app. And likewise, any VPN setupyou do on your Linux app is not move anythingelse on your Chromebook. These are two veryseparate VPN connections. So if you’re using Linuxand you wanna set up a VPN, you’re gonna have to do this. It’s honestly beyondthe scope of this video, exactly because there are anumber of different ways that you can do it. There are VPN apps for Linux. Most is done via word indication though. And so if you know Linux, youshould be able to set it up. You can see that I’ve donethat now with Nord VPN. However, if you don’t employment Linux or if you’re not sure exactlywhat I’m talking about. You altogether ignore this, use one of the other three alternatives that I’ve already shared with you to set up a VPN for your Chromebook.Well congratulations on connectingyour Chromebook to a VPN. If you have any questions whatsoever, leave them in thecomments below this video. I’ll do my best to respond. Now that you’re up andrunning with the VPN. Be sure to watch some of myother privacy related videos that will help you secureyour Facebook account, your passwords and other important elements of your online being. Stay safe ..

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