How to Setup a VPN on a Computer in 2021 (Beginner’s Tutorial)

– In this tutorial I’mgonna amble you step by step, exactly how to setup a VPN on your laptop or desktop computer. Now, there’re some very complex, do it yourself ways to get a VPN set up and there’re too somerelatively easier ways to do it. What I’m gonna be showing you now, it costs a few cases dollars, but it is an easier acces to set it up and it’s something that I wouldrecommend my mother to do. By following this video, you can get a VPN set up on your computer in 15 minutes or less. And I’m not only gonna showhow to install the VPN, I’m likewise gonna help youunderstand how to use it and the basic questions and troubles that you might come up against. For this tutorial, I’m gonnabe using my MacBook laptop, but don’t worry theprocess is accurately the same even if you’re using yourMicrosoft Windows computer. Oh, and I one last-place disclaimerbefore we get started. There are literallyhundreds of VPN business on the market today, I’m gonna be showingyou one of my favorites and one of the most popular, ExpressVPN.I’ve got affiliate links tothat in the specific characteristics below, which is one way that you cansupport this YouTube channel, but frankly, you can useany VPN that you want. What I’m about to show you, it’s gonna be very, very similar with any other VPN service that we use. Okay, now we are currently in my computer, I’m gonna type in, in theaddress prohibit, Now, I’m very transparentabout the fact that that is an affiliate link, right now it leads to ExpressVPN, maybe down the roadI’ll spot it abroad, it’s really just what’s gonnabe most advantageous to you, and this homepage maynot even inspect the same.I precisely want you to understandthat as you’re going, whatever VPN you decide to use, it’s gonna be a very similar process, like I’ve territory before. So I’m gonna go, and forthe purpose of this tutorial, I’m just gonna show you, I’m gonna signup for a few months, and I’m going to go aheadand get this downloaded so that we can see howit works on our computer. So I’m gonna run through right now, and just go ahead and signup.( click tock defeat) Okay , now, I’ve finishedpaying for ExpressVPN. A lot of VPNs are gonna do it differently, for ExpressVPN it communicates me to a sheet that automatically givesme this activation code, which is great.They’re too gonna email it to me, in a lot of cases theVPN’s going to email you either your passwordor an activation code, or something of the style. So what I’m gonna do is, I’m gonna go ahead anddownload this for my Mac, which is what I’m on right now. If you’re using Spaces, you’ll open it in Windows, and I’m gonna go ahead and set up the ExpressVPN software on the computer. Okay, so as you verify, it’s asking me if I want to continue installing, and I am gonna do that. It’s gonna take up somespace on my computer, it might require you toput in your password, I once have an account with them, but I’m gonna go ahead andremove the existing note so that we can set up thisnew one like I’m fresh.And then I’m gonna just go ahead and start the software sothat you can see how it examines. All claim , now I’m gonna goahead and duplicate this right here, duplicate this activation code, and then when I sign in, I’m going to paste thatactivation code in and signed off. Again, every VPN doesit slightly differently, the VPN, for some others I’ve had where you have to only createyour own login and password, and then that’s what you useto sign into the software.Either action you make love, you’re gonna notice that it’s just gonnarequire some sort of is evidence that you have an account once. All title, we’re gonna lookat three different fragments of software quickly. I’m gonna go through ExpressVPN, which I’ve just downloaded. I’m gonna present you NordVPNas well as Surfshark, and the reason for this, is Iwant you to get kind of a feel for all the similarities thatthese VPN software have.You’re frequently gonna havejust one big connect button, or a influence button, and thenin someway you’re going to have a look at allthe different servers that are across the globe. So when you’re dealing with a VPN, what you’re actually doing is you’re connecting, you’re having an purpose to tip encrypted relationship with a VPN in another location, excuse me, a VPN serverin another location. So that could be in the United State, it could be in Singapore, it could be anywhere you want.So let’s say I want toconnect somewhere in Germany. So I’m gonna search for Germany, and they’re gonna have different municipalities that I can connect to, or I can just connectto Germany in general and you’re gonna seewhen I connect to that, it’s going to take a moment, it’s gonna find the claim server, it’s gonna move thatend to end connection. And now, formerly it’s connected, when you’re setting upa VPN on your computer, or even on your mobile device, formerly it’s connected, youcan precisely close this down and continue working on your computer like nothing else is happening. Now, for me personally, I only connect to a VPN when I need it. So when I’m at home, I usuallydon’t connect to a VPN, but let’s say I want to watch a support on Netflix in another country, then I’ll connect my VPN, I’ll have this running, and then I’ll open up Netflixand watch whatever I want to.But then when I’m done, I will detach. So I will have thisrunning in the background, either on the top rail of my computer or down on the dock of my computer, but I don’t have it operating all the time. So that’s ExpressVPN. Let’s take a look at NordVPN. The NordVPN is slightly different, but again, very similar. The divergence that here is you’ll look some VPN actually have a map. So instead of going through a directory, which I can do here as well, I can choose a server on a planned. Let’s say I want to do something, or watch the BBC in the United Kingdom, I can only click hereon the United Kingdom, and then you’re gonna seethat NordVPN is connecting to that server in the United kingdom government and now I’m connected.You have a lot of different penchants that you can do. I didn’t are demonstrating that in ExpressVPN, but actually, there’s not muchthat you need to change, even after you’ve set up thesoftware on your computer, but that is NordVPN. Let’s look at one more. Okay, Surfshark is thelast piece of VPN software that we’re gonna be looking at, and the primary reasonis, you’re gonna see, these all seek very similar. You’ve got a list of serverson one side of the software, and then you’ve got some sort of button that’s gonna connect you to that server. So in such cases I can actuallychoose the fastest server, and it will automatically connect to that, you’re gonna see it modifies my IP address, it gives me the option for a kill swap, which if you don’t knowwhat a kill substitution is, click on up here, where you’llsee a better description, a video description, ofwhat a kill permutation is.And then of course we haveour different settings that we can work with, whether that is this kill switch, different types of connections based on what structure I’m connectedto, different features, and then of course advance acquaintances which most of us willnot have to worry about. Again, you connect, youdo what you need to do, whether you’re out on a public structure or whether you’re tryingto bypass geolocation to watch a Netflix showor BBC in another country, and then personally, once I’m done do that, I’m just going to disconnectand close the software. That’s exactly what a VPN is used for, and that’s exactly how youset it up on a computer. All right, you now set up with a VPN. You’re already do better that 75% of internetusers, that’s awesome. You’ve accomplished a very important step in securing yourself online, but wait.Don’t stop there, there’reso many other things that you can be doing to secure yourself with your passwords, with your email, with your bank and more. You can check out more of my videos, but don’t forget to like this video and subscribe if you miss more enormous, easy to understand tech videos that won’t go over your premier. And remember, don’t waituntil it’s too late, make some time to secure yourself online ..

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