How to install Surfshark [Full Surfshark tutorial]

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No matter how easy it might be to install Surfshark, first time users may run into confusing and unintuitive points, and that’s OK. That’s why I’m here. I will show you how to install Surfshark VPN and talk about all key settings you might need.

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=== Surfshark for Windows Tutorial: ===

Windows tutorial comes first, and to start, we have to download Surfshark app first. To do that, just log in to your Surfshark account and choose a version you need, this time – for Windows. And if you don’t have an account yet, you can get a subscription and sign up on the main website page. Once you have downloaded the installation file, execute it and follow the instructions to install Surfshark. The process itself would take just a couple of minutes. After the Surfshark app is installed, all that is really left to do is to turn it on.

=== Surfshark for Mac Tutorial: ===

And before I’ll get to settings inside the app, let me show you how to install Surfshark for Mac. It’s actually easier to do: just go to the Appstore and download the app from there, it will install Surfshark automatically and you will be able to launch it easily. That said, there’s actually another Mac app available through the Surfshark website page, but this app requires a different installation process and doesn’t have the fastest WireGuard protocol. Instead, it offers beta updates with the latest changes. Needless to say, unless you want these updates, I won’t recommend getting this app.

=== How to use the app? ===

Okay, at this point you should have a working app, and double clicking it will bring you to the main page. Time to learn how to use Surfshark VPN effectively. The main screen has all you need to start working: list of servers, some choice of specialized servers if you need them and a “Quick connect” button, for the cases when a specific country is not necessary. This list of servers will show a lot of countries you can connect to, while Quick Connect will always connect to the location that is physically the closest to you.

Specialized servers also have a nuance: Static IP is more important if you plan to use it with a website that is sensitive to frequent IP change, such as Netflix. MultiHop, on the other hand, will just chain two servers together for extra security, but it will reduce your speeds. If you want to check if your VPN actually works, head to the website like this one and check your current IP and location. It should reflect the server you’ve connected to.

0:00 Intro
0:16 How to install Surfshark on Windows?
0:50 How to install Surfshark for Mac?
1:15 New Linux app: how to install it?
1:33 How to use Surfshark effectively?
2:32 Additional Surfshark features
4:02 Why should you use Surfshark?
4:38 Conclusion

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