How to install NordVPN ✅ Set up best NordVPN features in 5 min

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Wondering how to install NordVPN? It’s easy, there are just a few steps to follow. NordVPN’s features are highly customizable for your personal needs and preferences.

I recommend always using obfuscated servers and optimized servers for torrenting and watching streams. Plus, don’t forget NordLynx when looking for fast speeds. A kill switch is also a nice feature to have in case your internet connection is irregular.

00:00 Intro

1:02 Where and how to download NordVPN
1:12 Installation guide
1:54 How to run NordVPN
2:00 Is there NordVPN free trial?
2:20 How to use NordVPN
2:35 How to access US Netflix with NordVPN?
2:45 Which protocol is best to use with NordVPN?
2:51 NordVPN kill switch: how it works
3:15 How to use torrents with NordVPN?
3:22 Split tunneling feature
3:35 What NordVPN’s obfuscated servers do?

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