How to get Surfshark FREE TRIAL for 7 days | Full explanation

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Guys, I kid you not, it’s pretty hard to find information about Surfshark’s free trial on their websites. Even their support page instead focuses on the 30-day money back guarantee. BUT there is a way to test Surfshark VPN for 7 days without paying. Watch my video and learn how to do that!

00:00 Intro

00:44 How to get Surfshark free trial?
1:20 Can you use Surfshark free trial on other devices?
1:38 What are you getting in Surfshark free trial?
2:00 What is the diffeence between Surfshark’s free trial and money-back guarantee?
2:20 How to get a refund from Surfshark VPN?
3:10 Which VPNs have a free trial?

It’s a bit weird that you have to get a free trial on mobiles, right? Fortunately, after you register a trial account on mobile, you can use it on any other device, guys. You are getting a full, uncut version of the app with complete functionality for 7 days, and that’s more than enough to test Surfshark VPN.

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