How to get ProtonVPN free plan in 2021 โœ… VPN tutorial

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Iโ€™ve mentioned ProtonVPN in the free category before, and Iโ€™ve received comments saying that ProtonVPN is a paid service. Guys, ProtonVPN has a free plan and in this video tutorial you will learn how to get the ProtonVPN free version. Plus, Iโ€™ll discuss what features does it offer, is ProtonVPN free secure, can it unblock Netflix and more.

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00:00 Intro

00:48 How can you download ProtonVPN free app?
1:29 Is there a risk that you’ll lose your money with ProtonVPN free version?
1:37 How to setup ProtonVPN free version?
1:58 Is ProtonVPN free version safe?
2:20 Which countries servers are available in ProtonVPN free version?
2:23 How fast is free version of ProtonVPN?
2:30 Is torrenting available in ProtonVPN free version?
2:37 Which plan to choose with ProtonVPN to unlock Netflix libraries?

As long as security is concerned, ProtonVPN free has the same AES-256 encryption and privacy measures as premium plans. However, same canโ€™t be said about extra security features though: you are missing an ad blocker, Tor over VPN and Secure Core VPN that allows you to chain servers. Thereโ€™s also a limit on ProtonVPN free countries: you only get access to servers in the USA, Netherlands and Japan.

Additionally, geo-unblocking, and torrenting are not available with ProtonVPNโ€™s free plan. You can only have one simultaneous connection with your account, but thereโ€™s no bandwidth limit.

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