How to Connect to a VPN for Complete Newbies ✅ Basic VPN Tutorial 2021

Hey guys. So I’ve been getting a lot of requestsabout doing a very basic guide to getting started with using a VPN, how to connect to servers, justreal simple steps. So that’s what I’m going to do today. And I’m going to start out with Express.It’s my favorite VPN I like to use, I think it’s the best you can get in terms of merely a best VPN, but too for newbies. It’s very newbie friendly, and I’ll made a link to it down in the description.But I’ll too demonstrate you with Nord and surf shark, those are a couple other really great VPN. AndI’ll kind of explain some of the differences in the end between those if you’re trying to decideon a good VPN. But these principles will work for pretty much any VPN. And that’s why I’ll showyou what to express in Nord as well. So firstly, let me just show you what the express how thisworks.Again, I’m showing you on a Mac. But the same idea with with a PC, you’ll only wantto load, click on your, your application now and Mac, have it here. Otherwise, you can go intoyour application folder and open it that way. But I’m gonna go ahead and click on it, and itopens right there. Now precisely because I opened it, it doesn’t mean it’s connected. See how it saysnot connected. That makes my VPN is not yet turned on. It’s not yet provide any protectionand so forth. So in order to do that, I’ll exactly want to click this button, you can see when Ihover over it, it are now starting to even vary dye a little bit. So let me just show you how thatworks. We’re just going to click the button. And you can see it’s going to start connecting.Now it’s connected. So now I’m protected by this VPN. And it’s as simple as that. Now , now I’mgoing to go into Okay, which is what happened? What did we connect to? And how do we spawn thosechanges, and then I’ll get I’ll show you with a duet other VPN, just so you can see how how thisworks and how it’s very similar across the board. So let me go ahead and I’m going to disconnecthere, only by fight that button.So again , now we see we’re not connected. So when youopen up something like Express Express is great, because it has things, some featurescalled like a smart-alecky spot, which means it’s going to collect the best locationfor you. If you’d like, you have the option of saying, mostly you’re telling ExpressVPN, youknow what, I’m not sure I’m kind of new to VPNs. Or I simply demand the amenity of you picking forme. So that’s what this is for here.And not all VPNs have this feature. Again, that’s what’s oneof the things I love about Express and obligates it huge for newbies, so you merely sounds this button.And now it’s connecting to the smart location, which is Seattle. So I’m actually located inOregon. And so it’s choosing the best server that that ExpressVPN can find that’s nearestto me, that’s going to give me the best speed, and protection and so forth. So that’s whereit demonstrates Seattle.So let me go ahead now I’m basically I’m connected to the server in Seattle, which intends when I’m shop around online, the online nature is going to think I’m in Seattle, even though I’m actually physically in Oregon. So I’m going to go ahead and undo fromthis again. Now, I’ll give you I’ll show you one other step here. And then we’ll go take alook at a duo other VPNs to show you how it is possible to can differ from VPN to VPN. So the we’re usingthe smart orientation now. But let’s say I want to choose which is which is taking me to Seattle. Butlet’s say I want to try connecting to something in California. So I’m going to clink Come overhere. And I’m clicking on these three little, little specks. And now I have all these regionshere on the right. So I want to I can only search for up here.And you know, category in type in acity. Like let’s say I wanted to type in Los Angeles. And “youre seeing” a Los Angeles optionsare showing up there. But let’s say I’m not sure which city I demand in California, well then I canclick this small down arrow now. And now we see these different areas within the United States.And so I can see Oh, you know what, maybe there, perhaps San Francisco, let’s try San Francisco. SoI can click on San Francisco.And now that is been my brand-new selected spot. So when I sounds theconnect button, it’s going to now connect me to San Francisco. So now, when I am browsing aroundonline, the online macrocosm conceives I am actually in it imagines I’m physically in San Francisco, eventhough I’m actually in Oregon. So it’s connecting to the Express VPN in in San Francisco. So let mego ahead and disconnect again. And let me go ahead and actually quit this. So I’m done using I’m doneusing the VPN, I’m just going to disconnect. And I’m going to quit that altogether. And thenwe’re just going to load it up again here. And so you can see it’s bringing up that mostrecent location I expended, which was San Francisco, but it also sees that a recent locating Iconnected to us was Los Angeles. So you are eligible to I can click on that. And now it’ll Connectme to Los Angeles. So you can kind of think of these as speedy connect boasts only tomake it a little more convenient for you. But now, again, we can click on these threelittle dots.And here’s where that smart location icon moved. So I can sounds back on thatif I, if I want to use Express VPN choice for me and say, Hey, express VPN, what do you recommendI should connect to? If I only require the most wonderful, the best? The best ordeal? What do yourecommend, that’s what this smart place is. And I can precisely click on that. Okay , now it’sin your internet commerce, maybe unsecure during reconnection. So this is good to know, let’ssay you’re doing something online that you want, you want to make sure it’s protected, it’s secure, no one’s going to see what you’re doing. Then, if you’re disconnecting and reconnecting, it wants to just be sure, hey, if you do this, you know, your internet congestion may be unsecure.So while the VPN is disconnected, so it’s a nice little notice, exactly in cases where. So I’m gonnasay yes, that’s fine, continue. And that path, it gives people the option of oops, let melet me close down my browsers or you are well aware, whatever you’re doing, to make sure you’re safethere if you need to do something like that.So that’s basically the clarity of connecting toa VPN. Now, one other thing I’ll say about that, sometimes parties wonder, so does it matter? What server you connect to are some servers like more more protective than others do youwant to try to look like you’re further away, in terms of only the basic use of a VPN, reallyjust connecting to the server that’s closest to you, is generally the best because it’sgoing to give you the fastest velocities. As far as from a safety encryption position, that doesn’t make a difference. So really just know that now, if you want to look like you’re ina specific region of the world countries, and that can be a discussion for another time, that’s when you havethese options of connecting to all these servers all regions of the world, to make it look like you’reyou’re in another further further part of the world, then say, for me, I’m just looking likeI’m a position away.But really, even I could connect to a server in another, another metropolitan near me. Andthat would still be fine from a from a safety standpoint, because I’m abusing ExpressVPN to, I’m apply kind of their submerge the protection of children. So again, that’s how that works with ExpressVPN.And of course, if you have any other questions, let me know down in the descriptionbelow. Otherwise, I merely want to pop open Nord VPN now time to show you how the present working. SoNord VPN, again, I’ll made a link to Nord down in the description as well, if you’re interestedin learning more about Nord, but they have just like carried their another payment VPN, you can use the Quick Connect feature here, which mostly is like Nord, take all thethinking for this, do all the anticipating for me, and go ahead and choose the best server, I want to leave that up to you.So you can just click Quick Connect, and it’s goingto connect me, it looks like to a server here in the Midwest. And so now I’m connected.So you can see up here, it’s protected. Now this is one thing. See once, if you noticethe difference between Nord and express, to me, it’s a little more obvious here, I’ll bringup Express, you can see the difference. It’s a little more obvious, the lane Express, you are well aware, they got the large-hearted button when you’re connected. It, it’s a little more cheers, sorry, it’s sorry, it was I was confusing it there.Once you connect. Again, for a newbie, I think it’s a littlemore obvious with Nord, it’s not so obvious. It’s not that you’re not protected. It merely, you are well aware, like said that you get this small dark-green at the little writing and get not a big deal. Butif you’re brand new, and you just like you know, the boundary of Express VPN a little bit, Ifind it’s a little more.It’s a little better suited to newbies to people who are less techsavvy, and exactly miss something very simple and easy to understand. That certainly is one of thebenefits of ExpressVPN. Now otherwise, with Nord, you can just like with Express, you can go inand select a server from any of their regions and areas around the world as well. So justlike with the United Government, we can go in now, and you know, choose another region and so forth.So let me show you one other one and that is going to be with surf shark.So let me go ahead andwe’re going to disconnect from Nord surf shark is is like the best budget VPN It’s great. It’s agives you It gives people the option of now you can see you have fastest server and nearest countrywhich you are well aware, maybe that that might be helpful for your place, but generally, fastestserver is the one you’re going to want to sound if you only want to keep it easy. Take allthe believe out of it. Just like with Express, you can use the smart location withNord.It’s the Quick Connect and was channel-surf shark, you can just use fastest server willbe a great one. And so if I time press that, it’s going to go ahead and connect me to thefastest server, which is actually here in Oregon, which is a benefit to me. So now I’m going todisconnect. And, again, it’s already brought up, when I sounds Connect, that’s going to bemy fastest server. Now, let me go ahead and close down surf shark again and actuallyopen it up, make sure it completely out of it, bring it back in.Okay, so merely again, to show you what this looks a lot like, when you just come into it, you can basicallyjust click this button that will connect you. And we can see it’s connecting. And nowwe’re connected. So again, quite, I think it’s pretty good. I feel surf shark is various kinds of inbetween Express and Nord, as far as from a from a from a newbie standpoint, for novices, I thinkexpressed as the best at being very simple, unusually uncluttered. Precisely give you the thebasics now. And make it really obvious when you’re connected , not connected. Surfshark likewise does a very good job. But I can see where the boundary are likely to be, you are well aware, you kind of have to look around. And it might be a little confusing, you are well aware, which one do I if you’re brand new. So again, that’s why I wanted to explain that. And then thelast thing again, you can pick your your neighborhoods, your regions down here, just like with the otherVPN.What’s kind of cool about surf shark is they they various kinds of present you the server quantity withthese little circles, and how full then there. So if you have the option of electing one that’s lessfull, like this one’s more full. So this one would be lustful, that would be a better one, this oneis empty. So that would be a better one as well. That’s something you can keep in mind. But again, this is just a very quick and basic navigate to kind of getting started and get connected to aVPN. As you can see, these all have this similar principle and idea.Now something to keep in mind, not all VPNs have a quick connect feature. That’s something I been fucking loving all three of these and whyI like recommending them and why they’re so great for for newbies and rookies is it takes all thethinking out of it, you can just trust these VPN to pick the best server for you. So how do youknow which one to get if you’re brand new to VPN, and you’re thinking of getting one, if you wantthe very best I’d go with Express, it gives people the fastest moves, it’s easiest to use, it’s themost reliable, it’s been proven to not preserve any of your records or activities.So Excellent, excellentVPN. And then if you crave kind of the best value, I envision nords a great pick, it doesn’t it’s lessexpensive than ExpressVPN. Some of the trade off, it’s not quite as premium, you could save a VPN asas Express. So you’re missing out on some of the the features, and so forth, compared toExpressVPN. But for someone who’s looking for merely that, that sweetened place of excellent importance, it’s still getting all the the best protection and so forth. nords a great choice.And then finally, I’d go with surf shark, if you’re, you are well aware, looking for the best budgetpick, let’s say you’re not make maybe a lot of streaming or torrenting or downloading , not thatyou you can use surf shark for that.But if that’s if you’re doing a good deal of that are able to preferthe rapidities of Nord and and and express so that you’re not waiting for your downloads or ifyou’re trying to unblock Netflix libraries, again, channel-surf shark will do that. But sometimesthe hurries can be a little more changeable compared to Nord and express Express is goingto be the most reliable in regards to this. Nord is very good. But overall Express is goingto be faster across all the different regions, except for in European fields. Nord will becan outperform Express especially in like Italy, New Zealand servers, Nord too does a little bitbetter, they’re commonly compared to express so there are some kind of caveats to that were Nordwill outdo Express and speed.But another nifty thing about channel-surf shark is it gives people unlimiteddevice associates. That means you can connect to as countless devices as you miss. And it doesn’tcost anything extra, which is amazing. So if you have a, you know, bigger family, bigger household, that’s a great way to go. Nord makes you connect to six machines simultaneously. And Express allowsyou to connect to five devices simultaneously. So if you need a lot of maneuvers, you are able to in yourwith express or Nord, you’d either need to get another subscription or really, you know, restriction theamount of maneuvers that are using it at a time, or that’s we’re getting channel-surf shark couldbe a great option. And maybe you’re just you’re the trade off is you’re not goingto have as fast as speedings and so forth. But again, I’ll set links toall three of these down below, along with any of the best administers or rejects Ican get for you guys, including free months that aren’t can be found on their website, whenyou typically go there to sign up.So feel free to take advantage of that if you’dlike. But otherwise, thank you for coming in for your time truly appreciate you guyswatching. If you have any other questions, let me know down below in specific comments. Otherwise, stand safe and I will see you in the next video ..

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