How to change your IP address on Android Phone📱Or Any Other Device in 2022💻

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You don’t know how to change your IP address on Android Phone or your computer in 2022?
Check out this video and find out how to change your IP address!

There are many valid reasons to change your IP address while browsing and working on your Android phone or tablet. Maybe you need access to US finance sites, or you’re looking to hide your identity. Maybe you want to stream French Netflix, or you just feel like Hong Kong sounds nice this time of year. If you can’t be there, at least your phone can pretend to be.

Whatever the reason, changing your IP address is as simple as installing a VPN app and, well, using it. In this video, we’ll show you which VPN app is our favorite for Android use, how to change your IP with it, and what you can do with your phone while it’s pretending to be in a country far, far away.

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00:00 Why you need to change IP address on Android phone
01:16 VPN encryption explained
01:45 How to use ExpressVPN
02:10 How to change your IP address on Android Phone
02:51 VPN Speed Test
03:40 VPN Unblock Streaming Test
04:35 ExpressVPN Lightway Protocol
05:18 ExpressVPN Features

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