How to change Steam region | Bulletproof way – in this video!

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So here’s the problem: Steam content is geo restricted. Lots of awesome games are totally unavailable to you, especially if you live in a country where Steam is censored. There are regional prices, ridiculously cheaper than US ones and geo-restricted games. But changing your region without actually travelling there is impossible, unless you have a VPN.
Sadly, Steam has banned its customers from using VPN technology to access its geo blocked content. But in this tutorial I will explain to you how you can change Steam region with a VPN, and I’ll let you know which VPNs have the tech to not get detected, and what can these services actually do for you on Steam.

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00:00 Intro

1:30 How to change your library location on Steam?
2:14 How to change download location in Steam?
3:08 Why should you use a VPN on Steam?
3:37 Which are the best VPN options for Steam?
3:43 Why should you choose NordVPN for Steam?
4:09 What are the most notable Surfshark’s features for Steam?
4:33 How good is VyprVPN for Steam?
4:59 Is changing Steam region legal?

You get a lot of opportunities by changing your region, but Steam is vigilant. It’s not allowed, according to their terms of service, to use VPN, so you should try to trick Steam at your own risk. If caught, ban is inevitable, so be careful and only stick to the best VPNs out there, that can definitely keep you hidden and protected.

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