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Pokemon GO devs are doing their best to make sure players don’t trick their system. GPS spoofers that worked yesterday are now being detected, players using them – banned. If you really want to take advantage of GPS spoofing and change your location to access more content in Pokemon GO – you need to take an extra step. For Pokémon Go spoofing, you’ll need a VPN, a GPS spoofer and a masking module.

VPN will conceal one part of your trickery – make your internet connection and GPS connection match, so the game won’t see anything unusual. But GPS spoofers are still detected, so you need a stealth module that will hide this app from the game’s detection range.

Making this work is tough, but I’ve got a full step-by-step tutorial there – so you can learn how to change Pokemon GO location!

However, if you get caught, your account may get deleted.

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00:57 What do you need for Pokemon Go spoofing?
1:23 Why do you need a VPN for changing location on Pokemon Go?
1:45 What is masking module and why do you need it on Pokemon Go?
1:55 How to change your location on Pokemon Go?
1:58 What is the best VPN for spoofing your location on Pokemon Go?
3:29 Which VPNs you should choose for Pokemon Go?

Now, I know you’re probably wondering, if I change my location with a GPS spoofer, why do I also need to use Pokémon Go with VPN? And what is a masking module? So, GPS spoofing apps change your device’s GPS coordinates, but they don’t change your IP address. But VPNs change your IP address by routing your internet traffic through a new server in a location that you choose. And the masking module hides the GPS spoofer from the game so it can’t be detected and banned.

Here’s how to change your location on Pokémon Go:
1. Install a solid VPN for Pokémon Go.
2. Download and install a location spoofer from the Google Play Store.
3. Go to your phone’s settings and hit “About device”. Find the “Build number” setting and tap it quickly seven times. This turns on developer mode.
4. Go back to settings and find “Developer options”. Hit the button that allows mock locations.
5. Developer options are detected by the game though, so you need to deal with that, or your Pokemon GO Spoofing will be apparent. The only way to do so is with a Mock Mock Locations masking module, available to rooted devices only.
6. I recommend rooting your phone at your own risk, and if you decide to do so – follow the tutorial to the letter.
7. Now head over to your VPN and connect to a server in the city where you’d like to catch Pokemons.
8.Choose the same location in your GPS spoofer.

You should be good to go now!

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