How to browse privately: 3 completely anonymous methods I use

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In the US alone, there were over a thousand data breaches last year, which means not only is your data being hoarded – it also gets in the hands of cybercriminals with startling regularity.

Besides that, you can be hacked when you’re using public Wi-Fi without a VPN, which can lead to getting scammed, blackmailed or doxxed.In other words, there are plenty of reasons to worry whether you browse privately or not.

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1️⃣NordVPN reviewπŸ‘‡

2️⃣ Surfshark VPN reviewπŸ‘‡

Β 3️⃣ VyprVPN reviewπŸ‘‡

0:34 Who can see your online activities?
1:08 Data breaches in US: statistics
1:21 How to check if your email was leaked
1:47 Three ways to browse privately
1:52 Virtual Private Network (VPN)
1:57 How does a VPN work to protect your online anonymity?
2:46 Can a VPN see what sites I am visiting?
2:55 My top 3 VPNs for anonymous browsing
3:22 Private browsers and browser extensions
4:09 Tor Browser
4:20 How does Tor browser work?
4:38 Tor browser vs VPN
4:56 Is incognito mode private enough?


*A Virtual Private Network (VPN)*

They route your internet connection through a VPN server as an intermediary rather than directly through your ISP. This means that the site you’re visiting doesn’t know your real IP address, whereas your ISP doesn’t know the IP address of the site you’re visiting. With a VPN, your privacy is protected, and you stay secure.
Not only that, it also lets you bypass government censorship programs, unblock geo-restricted content, and avoid bandwidth throttling.

*Private browsers and browser extensions*

Now, a VPN will stop various entities from observing you using your IP address. Yet it won’t do much about various companies tracking your device via cookies, fingerprinting, and other such tech. Basically, visiting most websites lands a whole bunch of trackers on your browser or triggers scripts that tell third-parties you’ve visited a website.
You can get a privacy-friendly browser that has in-built protections against tracking such as Brave browser).
Or you could use something like Mozilla Firefox with the right browser add-ons. Auxiliary tools like Ghostery and uBlock Origin are great for blocking ads and scripts to keep your browser free of trackers. For the most part at least.

*Tor Browser*

Tor browser doesn’t really add anything to the combination of VPN+browsing privacy extensions. Instead, it combines both solutions into one free tool.Tor routes your web traffic through three layers of randomly selected proxy servers, essentially doing what VPN does. Unfortunately, it’s much slower than a VPN and it’s no good for things like torrenting or streaming.

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