How to access Twitter from anywhere | Simple 4 step guide!

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Twitter is a platform for everybody to share their opinion, too bad that it is blocked in some countries. If you wish to know how to unblock Twitter – this video is for you. This video focuses on how to access Twitter from anywhere with a VPN, even if your country banned access to this social media platform.

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There are various situations when you need to know how to unblock Twitter.

It could be banned in your country. There’s a Twitter ban in India, Russia, Iran, China and more – the list is quite substantial.

You may not be able to access Twitter at work or at school. Quite a bit of workplaces and schools ban this social media platform.

Some of the Twitter content could just be geo-restricted, virtually inaccessible outside of certain regions.

All of those restrictions are clear cases of social media censorship. In cases with internet censorship, in Russia or otherwise people can’t access mass media and news, so a VPN is crucial to circumvent propaganda and ensure freedom of speech.

0:00 Intro
0:24 Why could Twitter be blocked?
1:07 What do you need to unblock Twitter?
1:38 How to unblock Twitter on desktop?
2:11 How to access Twitter via mobile?
2:54 What to do if it doesn’t work?
3:30 Conclusion

=== What do you need to unblock twitter? ===

The only real requirement is a reputable VPN provider. I recommend NordVPN as it helps to bypass internet censorship. You may try a free VPN too, one such as AtlasVPN or ProtonVPN, but free VPNs in general are not that reliable at bypassing geo-blocks or internet censorship.

=== How to unblock Twitter on PC and Mac ===

Begin by installing a VPN service of your choice. In my case, I’m using NordVPN.

Turn on the app. Usually, you will see the list of available servers right in front of you.

Choose any server you like, as long as it is not in the country that blocks Twitter, of course, and press “Connect”.

After a connection is established, open your browser, clean cache and cookies and go to Twitter. You should be able to get rid of the Twitter censorship now.

=== How to access Twitter on iOS and Android ===

Most good VPNs have apps for both iOS and Android devices, so you should be able to download it easily. NordVPN also has a 7-day free trial you can take advantage of. It has to be started on Android, but you can continue on any device afterwards.

Download the VPN app

Turn it on and just like on PC, choose a server to connect to. It just takes a couple of taps to unblock Twitter.

Use the Twitter app here or, if it’s unavailable, open Twitter in the browser.
If you are using an app, clear app data and disable location services, before going in with a VPN.

=== Troubleshooting ===

In case you can’t connect on the first try, attempt these steps:

1. Ensure that your connection is successful. You can do that by checking if your IP has changed after the connection. You can just google “what is my IP” for this one.

2. Make sure you have cleared the cache of your browser or Twitter app before accessing it with a VPN.

3. Try connecting to a different server. Sometimes, a certain VPN IP address could be banned, so you would need another one.

4. If nothing helps you even after these steps, contact the customer support. Most VPNs have helpful support agents, available 24/7.

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