How to Access Files on Your Synology NAS via Windows File Explorer or Mac Finder

Imagine if you can access the data on your Synology NAS via Windows File Explorer or mount shared folders as system drives on Mac. In this video, youll learn how to enable SMB protocol and access the folders on your Synology NAS using a Windows PC or Mac. You can find the timestamp of each step in the video description. Sign in to your DSM and launch Control Panel click File Business ticking the Enable SMB service checkbox. You can nominate the system as a member of a specific workgroup for structure administration purposes. Click Apply to finish. Now makes take a look at the different ways of connecting to your Synology NAS. One action is to map the shared folder on your NAS as a network drive on your PC. Another path is to double-click on your NAS in Network. Or you are eligible to open File Explorer and register two backslashes and the server word of your NAS in the address prohibit. This enables access to the shared folders that you have permissions to. First, gives planned a network drive. On your Windows desktop, open File Explorer and adopt This PC. Click Computer click Map network drive. Select the drive note you want to use for the network folder. In the Folder field, type two backslashes the server mention of your NAS another backslash, and the name of the shared folder to be delineated. For example the server call of your NAS is “DiskStation” and the shared folder specify is “Photo. Click Finish when ready. Enter your DSM login credentials and sounds OK. Now you will see the shared folder in This PC. Another direction to access the shared folder is to open File Explorer and character two backslashes and the server figure of your NAS in the address bar.For sample, the server specify of your NAS is DiskStation. And then punched the Enter key. Now you can access the files and folders you have permissions to. Or you are eligible to simply go to Network and double-click on your Synology NAS and sign in to your DSM. If your NAS is not shown, go back to DSM to enable WS-Discovery. To do so, go to Advanced and tick the checkbox Enable Windows network discovery to allow file access via SMB And then click Apply. If “youre using” a Mac go to Finder and click on the Go menu and select Connect to Server In the window that appears type smb a colon two lashes and the server honour of your NAS.You can refer to the SMB section on DSM for the chasten format. For instance, your server specify is DiskStation. Click Connect. Enter your DSM login credentials and sounds Connect. Now you will see the shared folders, click them to access the folders on your NAS. Now tells return to DSM. Go to File Assistance and tick the Enable Transfer Log checkbox. This allows the system to record the document activities implemented expending CIFS or SMB protocol. adopt the file runnings you want to record and sounds Apply Then click Apply to save the designates. Click View Logs to go to Log Center and viewpoint the records You can also tick Disallow access to Previous Versions and click Apply if you want to stop examining previous copies in the network drive. Now you can access enters readily. To learn more about file works subscribe to the Synology YouTube channel or click another video to keep watching.

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