Hola VPN free review 2021 | Is Hola VPN actually safe?

Hola VPN doesn’t have the best reputation online. To be honest, I didn’t know why, therefore, I’ve decided to try it out for the first time.
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Hola VPN free version doesn’t offer a lot in terms of security, privacy and speed, and it was mixed up in questionable things in the past. So how is it doing today?

00:00 Intro

00:45 What Hola VPN uses in stead of servers?
1:03 Why it’s not safe for users to use Hola VPN?
1:28 Is Hola VPN secure?
2:36 Does Hola VPN have a no-logs policy?
3:20 What happened when Hola VPN was hacked?
4:00 How fast is Hola VPN?
4:35 Is Hola VPN good for streaming?
5:05 Should you choose Hola VPN for torrenting?
7:55 Overview: why you shouldn’t use Hola VPN?

Hola VPN is vulnerable, whether it’s a free version or paid one, you get a subpar service. First of all, with the Hola VPN free version, every user sacrifices some of their internet bandwidth in exchange for using other people’s bandwidth. While that can serve as a VPN connection, this also shares your private data, primarily your IP address with the person you are connecting through. Of course, premium users get advanced encryption that alleviates the issues a little bit, but we are talking about the free version right now.

Moreover, Hola VPN collects your IP, email, name, details of installed applications, payment and billing information. And those are premium users, free users also share their browsing history on top of that.

Many existing Hola VPN users use it with Netflix or other streaming platforms. That is true, Hola VPN works with Netflix, however, the free version will not allow you to stream above SD quality. Plus, you’ll only get an hour a day.

My advice – don’t let Hola VPN capitalize on your privacy and look for something else. There are better free VPN alternatives you can check.

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