HMA VPN Review 2022 | Can It Really HideMyAss?

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🤔 Find out if it really can HideMyAss, In this HMA VPN Review for 2022

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🤓 If you want to be even better-informed as to HMA VPN’s strengths and weaknesses, we have a full review with more detailed test results linked down below.
📃 Full Review:

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👉 HMA is intended to be the very best in butt-covering technology. With a server network that spans over 210 countries, an IP shuffling feature and service plans for business customers, there’s a lot to like about the VPN named after its donkey mascot. Almost wish they wouldn’t censor their own name, though.

👉 In any case, we braved the silliness to dig into the actual app and what it offers. We tested its speed, its streaming access, and more. We also tried to determine if its specialized features make up for its lack of some sorta-basic features, like having more than one protocol available. Watch on to find out what we thought.

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00:00 Intro
01:17 HideMyass HMA VPN Servers
02:30 HideMyAss HMA VPN Speed Test
03:17 HideMyAss HMA VPN Streaming Test
06:14 HideMyAss HMA Torrenting
06:24 HideMyAss HMA Security
07:17 HideMyAss HMA Compatibility
08:36 HiDeMyAss HMA Plans and Prices
09:51 HideMyAss HMA Final Verdict

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