Highspeed Unlimited VPN (Browsing/Downloading) For Free in PC!

hello people welcome back to this channel once againand in this video i’ll show you how are you able set up your free vpn service over windows desktop this isvery easy super easy all you just have to follow the steps that i’m going to tell you now okayso first coming to the google chrome let me show you the search result by searching google.com youcan see the search result it is offered uh within india is with this languages and all so uh thevpn assistance i’m going to introduce you with is called vp and kate and this is open serviceproject like public free vpn shadow hosted campaign offered by chicago university in japan and ifyou know about this it’s good but if you don’t it’s okay so you have to download it’s setupit’s super easy you just have to strike download you can get the direct relation from the descriptiondown below as well and just download this pack you just have to install it and it is very veryvery easy like a ordinary application pack has so exactly install it later that you have to cometo its console uh just open it it is uh mentioned as soft either vpn patient director at the beginningyou won’t have this virtual network appointed you have to create it or it would invite by itself tocreate a brand-new one so precisely reached double tap over this add vpn connection and go with yes and justname it with vpn vpn 2 or whatever it is and precisely touched okay it is it will create a brand-new separatevp and adapter within your structure locates all right so the network adapter installation isdone now we are just going to connect it with some ip address or the domain names to get that youjust “re going to have to” doubled sound over this vpn door public vpn communicate servers doubled sound you will be ableto see some register and it has different different different things like you can see the host list ipaddress sphere up day vpn hearings course hurry and all and you can even witness the uh ssl port supportwith 443 and all and udp buoy as well and society sends users and all you can seebunch of details of this uh thing so to get to the up-to-date uh ip address you just have toclick over this freshen listing and it will get you to the up to date list of the updated ip addressand the host list for example if i want to get connected to the latest and the best one i candetermine uh sound by gazing over this word moved and let me connect it with um just fordemonstration purpose let me connect it with this one a 126.71 with soft bank something itis let me connect to the vpn server okay okay okay so we are done you can see it is establishedyou can see the status it is connected now if i go back to the google chrome and if isearch for something let’s see how cool it is so you can see the search result was instantthere was no crack and “youre seeing” the search result offered from japan and now if i uh wantto download something like java or something let me just show you how fast it is even over this umwi-fi connection or over this vpn connection okay so here you can see this is the normal downloadspeed it is showing and let me connect it with um or download it with idm okay okayso you can see the download rate is also awesome as like normal move argument thereis no compromise but it depends on factors of different isps so i don’t know about your ispbut it employments punishment for my uh internet direct so here is the result okay so coming to the nextthing uh let’s switch it with the different and let’s see what is the differencewith this one or the other one so uh we are now just going to connect it withthe korean uh it would be south korea okay so yeah here we are is connectedagain assigned with some a class ip we are going to refresh it and you cansee instantly it says south korea all right so we are here again let me test it uh bydownloading the same package or something else start download and let’s start okay so it’s a littlebit different from the earlier one no no no it’s not it’s same as like the last ip addressand it’s working fine there is no compromise in the downloading speed or over the searching speedyou can even check your ip address and items it’s quite fast it’s very good it’s very good andit’s ultimately for free so you can take advantage of this application and you can search many thingsyou want but but if you look over this about a thing it’s open source there’s no guarantee ofprotection over this vpn cross-examine so use it at your own risk and any compromise of your personaldata is not covered with this service okay so yeah i hope you guys enjoyed this video ifit was helpful like share and subscribe to the channel and thanks for watching i’ll seeyou guys in the next video have a great day bye you

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