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Is Surfshark VPN free? Well, no, not really, but you can actually use Surfshark free of charge for 37 days, if you know the nuances. That’s true, this video will show you how to get Surfshark for free for longer than a month.

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Is Surfshark free?
How to get Surfshark 7-day free trial?
How to use Surfshark money back guarantee?
Should you use a hacked app?

=== Is Surfshark free? ===

Okay, you are probably wondering: “Is Surfshark free?” right now, but it’s not.

There is however a Surfshark VPN free trial. This 7-day trial is the first step in getting more than a month of free Surfshark VPN. This trial has all the features that app offers and as long as you cancel before trial ends, you will not be charged for the subscription. Available on Android, iOS and Mac, this trial can be continued on Windows and Linux after activation, so if you have a mobile phone, you are good to start. Provided, of course, that you didn’t get that trial before, no do-overs allowed.

=== How to get Surfshark free trial ===

Anyways, that’s how you get the Surfshark 7-day free trial:

First, download the app from Google Play or Apple Appstore, whichever you have.

Second, just open the app, choose a plan and agree to start with a 7-day trial. You won’t have to pay, but the subscription will register in your Google Play or App store.

Third – just cancel Surfshark free trial by disabling auto-renewal in the respective store app. You will retain the Surfshark free trial, but you won’t have to continue to the next paid month.

=== How to get Surfshark money back guarantee ===

However, there’s also a Surfshark money back guarantee lasting a whole month. That means you can add 30 days to your 7-day trial, getting the 37 free days I mentioned earlier. Just keep in mind that you have to purchase without using Google Play or Apple Pay payments, otherwise it might be harder to refund.

That’s how you should proceed here:

Visit the Surfshark website and get yourself a subscription. You can choose whichever you like, you are getting your money back in the end anyways. So, after you choose a plan and pay, your 30 days begin! Use Surfshark for free as long as you want within this month, but if you are willing to use the money-back guarantee, you will have to refund before 30 days end. If you’ve purchased through the Surfshark website – contact the customer support. If you’ve paid through Google Play, App store or any other retailer – the burden of refund is on them, so you should contact them for the refund. Just keep in mind that using Surfshark money back guarantee could take a couple of days, so I wouldn’t recommend waiting till the last moment.

=== Should you use a hacked app? ===

Surfshark is a popular VPN, so it’s not surprising that there are hacked apps and ripoffs circulating around the web.

Is Surfshark VPN free when you are using a hacked app? Kind of, but not really. Not only is it debatable if it will work at all, but hacked apps like this often contain malware. Should you compromise your device for a slim chance of saving a bit of money?

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